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    Why buy the gladiator when it will never be adequate as a truck? Especially at the price tag! I'll have the CJ8 to off road in and as a toy and I'll keep a real truck for work. Heck I even keep a car for travel and commuting.
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    Soft tops for scramblers

    Oh and in nutmeg!
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    Soft tops for scramblers

    I don't like the look of a full bikini top and don't need to cover a 3rd row of seats. I really want a 3/4 like this. Chris could you make something like this?
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    I think I lucked out

    It appears the lacquer is coming off. Do people get them re_lacquered or just take care to keep them clean and dry? Oh and I'll probably sell them with the jeep so what are they worth about?
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    I think I lucked out

    About 4 years ago I was searching Craig's list for jeep related stuff & came across four wagon wheels for $300 in my home town where i no longer lived but my parents still did. I had no idea if they were legit but I thought for $300 I'd take a chance. I called up my dad & had him go pick...
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    3/4 length bikini top

    How is it that a 3/4 length bikini top that shades the back seat isn't readily available? Anyone know where to get one or do they have to be made? Has anyone retrofitted one from one of the jk's or such that are longer?
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    Think I changed my mind on color combo, anyone have pics?

    I was sure I was going to go with the Olympic white with the 81-82 yellow/orange decals with spice top and interior. It's such a beautiful combination. I even bought the spice carpet, decals dash ect. But the Olympic white with silver 85 Laredo combo keeps gnawing at me. I'd really like to see...
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    finally found a full hard top can I get opinons

    It is a classic brand which I am not familiar with, and the guy is asking $1000 or $500 and a pistol. He says it's just dirty but that there are no issues. What do you guys think about price, condition concerns and brand?
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    Well, I didn't see wheels listed anywhere so Im posting my question here

    First off, are there wheels out there that look like the jeep wagon wheels that are not? I bought a set and wonder if they are real. Second, between 15x7 & 15x8, what's the difference between the ability to put a slightly thicker tire on the 8? Advantages? Cons? I would think the 8 makes rubbing...
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    Factory Colors on Stock or Restored Jeeps

    My jeep started it's life in Yosemite, and has a government/forestry plate on the dash with information on it. Good to see what color my jeep was originally painted. It has since been painted white, but maybe I will return it to its original color. I've also been considering Olympic white with...
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    Installing shoulder belts on am 81 and 81 top

    I want to put shoulder belts in my 81. Does anyone make a kit for this or has a build thread been done? I don't know what belts to use, where to drill into my roll bar, where to get the rubber bumper and grommets, ect. It would be great to be able to learn from someone who has done it before.
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    clutch master cylinder leak

    How big/hard of a job is it to replace a clutch master cylinder? Any tips, tricks or things to watch out for? Many Thanks
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    full hard vs. full soft top. pros and cons

    I don't want to buy both to I was hoping someone could share their experience. I'm leaning toward the soft because I don't the I would ever actually take the full hard off once I got it on and would like to occasionally have a bed to use but I'm worried about wind and flapping noise. can...
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    Best top vs. DB Top

    The Best top is $800 and the DB top is $1550 almost twice as much. Is it twice as good? Anyone have experience with both?
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    Pics wanted! 33" tires with ? number inches of lift

    Hey, if you have 33's on your jeep will you post a side pic of your jeep and how many inches of lift you have. I'd love to see how the jeep looks with different lifts. Many thanks!