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    Failed piston coating?

    Oiling problem? School me here please. It’s always run with correct pressure, regular changes and no leaks. There are some things I know and others no clue. This issue is the latter. Tnx in advance.
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    Failed piston coating?

    Long rods from the failed original 258. 96 4.0 donor. 258 grind. The old blue smoker lasted a long time then stab in a new modern (lament OBD 1limitations) $dd mill then takes a dive. FML. Suffered blow by out oil filler and around dizzy. Then just before on rubicon suffered a...
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    Failed piston coating?

    Blueprinted 4.6 stroker built 7 years ago. Recently a serious and random tap tap tap from somewhere inside. Compression test shows very bad on cyl 5 & 6. Oil analysis shows high level of aluminum and babbit material. So..... out she comes. Ugh. Major kluster eff. Anyone ever hear of...
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    Rubicon Scramble 2016

    The 20th something annual eights on the rubicon. All welcome, even non 8s. We have the large group site reserved sept 22-25 right sling the river. Only cost is $25 fee to the caretaker to cover ur fees. All else free. Come in from loon lake or the short run from tahoe. Always a good time...
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    Rubicon Scramble 2015

    The annual popular Rubicon Scramble is set for Sept 25-27. Some go in a day early and others stay a day longer. We have the very nice Dirty Dozen camp site reserved for the event. No cost other than the $20 paid to camp host. Some start at Loon Lake, others from Wentworth Springs and yet...
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    What did you do with your Scrambler today? August 2014 version

    Off for rubicon jeepers jamboree 2014
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    Rubicon Scramble 2014

    IIRC this is the 18th or 19th annual Scramble over the Rubicon. We just received formal confirmation-- the annual Rubicon Scramble is a GO and we have Dirty Dozen Camp locked in September 18-21 for our exclusive use. All welcome. Come checkout all the pretty 8s. MB in reno
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    Rubicon Scramble 9/19-22

    I know, short notice, but a lot ofSCramblers will be on the trail this week end and we have the dirty dozen site all reserved. All welcome!
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    Looking For Tan Diesel Scrambler

    Looking to connect with the owner of a well built tan 3.0l diesel powered Scrambler. We chatted on Jamboree and parts were loaned to him. Only shot is of his dash. Anyone know how to reach the owner? He's from CA.
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    Rubicon Scramble

    September 6-9 all long jeeps tackle the legendary Rubicon Trail. Join us for fun and sun. Later in year fewer bugs, less bears and cool evenings. We have a large level, shaded camp area right along the Rubicon River reserved for this run-- room for about 50 rigs. Come join us! I'm losing...
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    2100 Rubicon Scramble

    The 15th annual Rubicon Scramble is set for September 8-11, 2011. Bring our your long jeeps and guest rigs. We have reserved camping area at Rubicon Springs and all are welcome. Just pay the mandatory camp fee to the caretaker. Basic plan is to enter the trail at either loon lake or...
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    Rubicon Scramble 2011

    We are all dialed in for the annual Rubicon Scramble. So make it a run to remember. All welcome! June 16-20, 2011 mb
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    2010 Rubicon Scramble

    The 15th annual Rubicon Scramble is a GO for June 24-28. We have the Dirty Dozen camp area reserved for this special event run. Your only cost is to pay the caretaker the standard camp fee. Always a great time. Come see some other long jeeps. mark
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    nevada poser

    getting near end of the trail spied this small gully and-- why not take a pic? the heep worked flawlessly in the dry waterfalls earlier. taken last year behind our property-- can't wait for snow! The 37s look small in deep snow my rig but not me, i took the pic
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    got stuck today

    our club did a run today-- had 45 rigs turn out-- and there is a frozen section of the trail that i just happened to slip into-- that was a nasty hole-- all locked up and couldn't go anywhere. had to use my axe to open up the hole a bit... had to get a winch from another rig sitting in the...