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  • Russ--Have you talked to Toby about your frame yet? I should see my brother-inlaw sometime over Christmas so I should have a better idea when he might be heading West again. I may need to pick the frame up at Tiby's so I can meet him to load your frame. Please let me know when you can.---Steve
    I would like to buy one of the tubs. I am the guy who has a house by Buana.

    Please give me a call 1-907-321-2760. This is my cell and by home phone is listed below.

    Captain Jack Smith, Pastor
    The Salvation Army
    Juneau, Alaska
    Who are you. Just where in Toppwnish do you live. I just bought a house off exit 50 going to Buena. Graduated from Granger High.

    Captain Jack Smith
    The salvation Army
    Juneau, Alaska
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