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  • Rust recently purchased a Scrambler back in Feb. '14. I'm restoring an '85 Scrambler for my 15 year old son for his first car. Today the Scrambler is a project! Rough at best. Engine runs, car moves, that's about it. Lots of mods that I feel need to make happen to be road worthy, yet my 15 year old has grand visions of a magazine cover ride! There's got to be a compromise somewhere!

    The vision:
    - 4" lift and 35" tires
    - Flat Fenders and/or extended fender flares
    - Going soft - full soft-top
    - Custom Paint and interior
    - Half hard, Half soft doors
    - Body Armor
    - Winch
    - Weber Carburetor
    - Throaty Exhaust
    - Custom-made Dash existing cluster and gauges
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