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    Gun rack

    Did Jeep/AMC ever offer a rifle rack/holder that mounted on the windshield frame like on the old MA/MB military Jeeps for the CJ7/8? I'm not certain if the M38A1 had this, fairly certain the M38 did but am at a loss to find a pic. Anyone seen something like this?
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    Rear Bench

    I've been thinking about a few methods of making more room for rear passengers. The two across factory style bench is probably good enough in the short term but it would be great if we could get three across in the back - even if it is just for extra shoulder room. First off, is there a three...
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    SBC or Stroker?

    So, I thought I was all settled and determined to build a stroker for my Scrambler but now I'm not so sure any more. What are the pros and cons of one over the other? I have a pretty good handle on it but I'm hoping someone will come up with a point that makes me say, "yes, that is the best...
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    Tintable bed liner?

    I've been reading up on bed liners here on the forum today and one thing that doesn't seem to have been mentioned is a bed liner that has some color options. Eventually I want to change the color of my Scrambler from red to an earth tone color (today is a YJ khaki day) and the thought was that...
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    Bestop or STC?

    Hey guys, LWB wannabe here, first time poster. I have been accumulating CJ parts to build a "CJ Unlimited" (no offense). LOL I've been researching how I am going to do the soft top and have been looking at some of the examples here. I saw good pictures of the STC with the roll up sides and the...