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  • I guess that is the factory rollbar. I bought the bumper on ebay, I can get you the link if you like it. The guy does them unpainted and shipped free. That one was $299
    I've just recently picked up an 81, the drive tran (except for the engine) was professionaly rebuilt about 6 years ago, but it only has 3000 miles on it since then.
    All the seal, bearings brake lines, brake pipes, cables, pads and shoes are new. The rear even got a new set of gears. everything was new, not replaced. Same for the tranny.
    The valve cover has a minor oil leak and the T stat housing leaks a little. The body has some waves and ripples from off roading but is fairly solid.
    There is a lot of little stuff missing or broken like the spare bumper stop, heater flex duct, auto choke and pollution stuff, but it is all minor.
    It sits on brand new Mickey Thompson 33x12.5s.
    I bought it intending to leave in the large shed at our cabin. It is rough but should be dependable. I din't want something to nice since it will be driven on dirt roads and in a creek.
    Thanks for sharing all the photos, They will be great reference mat'l
    Thanks John.........The color is epoxy primer and is hazing a bit since I lost my parking spot under the carport to my wife's jeepster project. I may still go with silver, but am considering a more permanent color similar to the primer.
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