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    Surf fishing rig

    Not sure where to post this. Has anyone here set up a Scrambler for surf fishing. I'm looking to do that with mine. Not looking to do anything crazy to it. One thing I would like to do is put some type of topper or cap on the back so that we can use the Tetford Porta Potti in the back while...
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    2 door soft top and doors

    I just picked up two door soft top with frame and one piece soft doors. It had been stored outside under a trailer and the windows are very dirty and a little yellowed, but no tears or deep scratches. The fabric is soft and flexible and the stitching looks Ok. There are two small holes from...
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    Valve cover swap

    Looking for how to on replacing 258 plastic valve cover with cast aluminum. I know it has been posted before but for some reason I can't find it. Thanks in advance John
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    winter quaters

    So we got the scrambler to the cabin. It is a snug fit in the drop in place garage, but it is dry and has a maintenance charger on it. I was able to do the following while waiting for the weather to break. clean and reterm battery cables removed bedliner coated dimmer switch and mount new one...
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    viewer discreation advised

    Warnig! Some members may find the attached photos disturbing and offensive, but remeber it was just for fun!
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    They need your prayers and donations

    We took our Scrambler up to our cabin last weekend. Made the 4 hour trip no problem. Rained most of the week, but got in a nice topless/doorless ride on Tuesday. Saw some of the damage from Irene. A detour due to a washed out bridge took me past on of my favorite ghost towns. On the way...
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    Finally got pictures

    Today marks a milestone for me. I actually drove a vehicle into my side of the garage.The first pic is scrapping my old camper so the Scrambler will have a home. The second pic is the Scrambler in it's new home. When cutting up the camper I pointed to it and said to my wife, "This is the end...
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    setting up shop

    I've been out of the auto hobby for about five years. Came close to selling off some tools and equipment. Then we picked up a Scrambler a few weeks ago. (pics coming soon, just learned how to put up links, working on how to embed photos) We had planned on mostly leaving it at our cabin as is...
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    Mouse prevention during vehicle storage

    Any suggestions for preventing mice during storage? I've got the garage seadled up pretty tight. I ran a strip of stainless steel wool where the garage door meets the floor, and have glue traps and spring traps next to the door. I also moved the BBQ grill out of the garage. Anybody have any...
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    tailgate hardware drawings

    I need some help figuring out what I need for my tailgate. I have hinges only. Does anyone know of a diagrahm showing the tailgate hardware? Thanks, John
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    snow tires and chains

    Not sure if this the right place or not. Setting my Scrambler up mostly for use on dirt roads that are unmaintained in winter. Looking for advice for good tires for use in mud and snow. The snow will be packed like ice at times. Curently has pretty wide 33"s. I would like to keep the...
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    covered wagon type top

    I just bought a Scrambler and don't have much of a budget. The body is covered with bedliner and has a rough and rugged look to it. It has a sollid half cab. I'm thinking about making a top for the back that is like a covered wagon, similar to a military truck bed cover. Just a frame from some...
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    New, long time Samiurai owner 1st Jeep

    I've had several Samurai SJ410 over the years but just picked up my first Jeep, an 81 CJ-8. It is the one mkoneod had listed here. I found it on craigslist. It's rough, but fairly solid. I kind of like the bedliner fininsh on the exterior of the body. I wanted an M-715 but it wont fit in the...