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  • Hey Schlap,
    I'm a newly recent Scrambler owner as of June and joined this board, love to read messages in the boards etc.. With this said I came across an interesting one with regards to your relationship with LBT !! With this said my wife and I are huge fans and have been for years!! Actually we have tickets and are seeing LBT July 19th here in my hometown of Dayton OH ! We will be going to the show with some friends and I was curious if there was a chance you could hook us up with some back stage passes or something? I know this is a huge favor but my wife and I are huge fans. And better yet it would be the best story in the world to tell because my wife thinks all I do is waist time on this board and with my new 82 scrambler ! And to think I found you :)

    Please let me know I would owe you big!

    Mark Weckesser
    Dayton OH
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