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    Hello from SCWorm

    It has been a long , long time since I visited with this group. As a matter of fact, I would be surprised if more than a couple members even remember me (I'm counting on BigWalton here :thumbsup:). But after I received my Happy Birthday email from the website today, I felt it only fitting to...
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    any fishermen on the board?

    whatcha think?
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    Happy Birthday

    Big HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to all the other 1981 models out there. My baby turns 30 next month :birthday::birthday:
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    a new season

    Put a new battery in the jeep today. Been sitting in the garage all winter dead, after old one bit the dust after 8 years. checked all the fluids, took the doors out. went and put some fresh gas in. put some Waylon on. Back on the road again.............well, that's actually Willie, but...
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    Cold down here in Dixie

    Been a cold winter down here in South Carolina. Decided I'd better get the jeep out and run it because it's been sitting in garage now for several weeks and hasn't been started. Didn't start, dead battery. pushed it out of the garage, jumped it with the truck. Drove it for about 20 minutes...
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    Electric Jeep to be built in charlotte

    Saw an article yesterday in charlotte biz journal about two guys who are proposing to build and sell electric cars for use around town. but they are not actually cars, they are jeeps. they are planning to use fiberglass jeep bodies (looks like a cj5 to me in the picture), and build from...
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    Fall Scrambler day

    Well, I think I'll change the oil today, and probably go back on with the hard top. It still plenty warm enough down here to leave the top off another month or so, but after putting on the 2" lift a while back, I'm kinda interested to see how close it comes when clearing the garage door and...
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    positioned to join the 500 post club

    ready.........aim...............ok, I'll hold steady at 499 and wait to fire until I have something meaningful to say :rotfl:
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    Another sighting - I think

    Think I saw yellow Scrambler with brown trim sitting at church on Zoar Road in Tega Cay area right outside Charlotte on Sunday. I say I think because I just caught it as I was driving away and didn't have opportunity to go back and check, but looked to be a Scram in rear view mirror. This is...
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    sighting in Lenoir NC today

    anybody on here want to claim the green '82 that I looked at today on car lot in Lenoir NC? C'mon, I know you're out there :thumbsup:
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    a thought

    How many Scramblers you guys think are actually left out there? I don't mean total of all that could be pulled out of junkyards and salvage that probably will never fire again- but what do you think would be total count if every person across the U.S. that either had an operating Scrambler, or...
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    Bigwalton - 11,282 posts

    As i was reading one of Eric's posts, I saw that he is now up to 11,282 posts........and I pause now for just a minute to genuflect :bow: to a true jeep aficionado. He lists a join date of May 2002, which for sake of keeping this simple is 8 years from our current period of May 2010. 8 years x...
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    Flock of AMC Eagle sightings

    I travel a lot around NC/SC for my job, and am always on the watchout for cars in fields, etc. From time to time I'll spot a Scram, or other cool jeep; a while back i saw a garage and field of about 30-40 old VW Beetles. But a couple weeks ago the family and I were driving back from...
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    2" spring lift, and new shocks

    Well, my scrambler is currently getting new springs and shocks. Adding 2". Slow going, a few broken bolts, etc. Pretty sure the springs that are coming off are the originals. Will post up some pics when done.
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    how much lift?

    I've decided to put some lift on my jeep. Right now it has no lift, and it's riding on Pro Comp fatties - 31" x 12.50"s. How much lift would you guys recommend to give it a better look, without any necessary drive train changes? 2" , more? Not looking to enhance off road capabilities...