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    YJ Half Door Alignment

    I have an Aqualu, that definitely is not one like mine.
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    Jeep CK-8 Build

    It’s bitter sweet.
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    Jeep CK-8 Build

    I know, right. Lol. R&D is the time consuming part. Once I get a few parts figured out that piece goes quick. Lol. I seem to change my kind some too. My dash is nothing like a typical Jeep. I did it once, changed it, didn’t like it and changed it again. Lol.
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    Jeep CK-8 Build

    No, I’ve thought about a couple different colors but it’ll probably end up white like the majority of my vehicles. Lol
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    Jeep CK-8 Build

    I guess I need to get the thread caught up as I have made a bit of progress on this project. I’ll have to find time to do that and figure out how to list multiple pictures again. Lol. Aqualu doors need mounted and uppers need ordered.
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    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    I just found this bed this evening while searching the site for Dakota Digital. Nice, you’ve put a lot of thought, time and expense into your well thought out build. I like it. Thank you for sharing it. Makes me want to update my build thread at some point. Lol
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    Let’s see your LS air filter setups

    Not finished yet (lol, this thing never will be) will box it in to pull cold air from the fender vent.
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    West Virginia Scrambler Build

    Looks great! Congratulations on an awesome build.
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    Newly Purchased 1982 CJ-8 Laredo Project

    Hello, it will cost way more than you plan. Lol. Enjoy!
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    Not a Scrambler, but almost

    Aqualu is now producing an aluminum Defender 110 body that mates to a JKU frame. https://www.hardbody4x4.com/land-rover.html
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    Jeep CK-8 Build

    Thanks, the guy dropped out of the deal not long after I started it. So, for now, it’s mine and just working on it on my free time. But it’ll go months without being touched. I think it sat for a whole year at one point. Lol
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    Jeep CK-8 Build

    Thank you. It’s an extended length, 14,000lb capacity with rolling bridge jacks. I like it!
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    Jeep CK-8 Build

    I also spent numerous hours on front inner fender/wheel wells. (Still not finished)