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    Survivor Project

    Wow, great find! Do whatever you want with it and have fun! Cool to have another one back on the road.
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    I’m new to site. Just moved to Minnesota

    So is it currently still in the accident shape? Or has the accident damage been fixed?
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    Renewed Obsession

    following! My old 350 and 700r4 in mine pulls it around just fine with 35s, I wouldnt want to go any faster in this old jeep. Great Project!
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    Hood flutter yesterday in a 20-25 mph gal

    Make a smaller base plate or remove it.
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    Poison Spyder aluminum guards

    Round but the square lights almost cover the round holes perfectly. Would be easy to make it work.
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    Poison Spyder aluminum guards

    Just an update, I ordered a set of aluminum Poison Spyder corner guards from 4wp and had them withing a week. I Mocked them up last night and they fit great. So when I had them delivered, they shipped with no hardware, so I called and talked to Poison Spyder, guess what, he said "How did you get...
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    Poison Spyder aluminum guards

    i think the stock tail lights will still work on the standard cut corners, it covers the hole no problem so it should work and would give you the option to switch down the road if you want. Not sure how the flare cut would look, but I would guess the cj style flare would open up enough if you...
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    Poison Spyder aluminum guards

    Which ones were you looking at? I noticed in the last week that they removed the "Stock" Cut aluminum ones but they still have the "Standard" Cut with TJ wheel opening. Are you saying they don't have any aluminum corner guards available at all?
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    Poison Spyder aluminum guards

    Well that sucks, I was going to order a set, I wonder if we could get a group buy on them.
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    Poison Spyder aluminum guards

    Quadratec and morris both say in stock
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    Newbie- CJ8 Scrambler

    I just bought a new crown steering shaft and it was built just like the borgeson, works great and was only $100 from amazon and it was painted. Also, buy a steering box HD mount, that will take a lot of the slop out of the steering right off the bat.
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    Bestop supertop conflict with my roll cage

    If it works for you and your family, then you did good. Just has to keep the rain/dust out when you want a top on. By the way, what side rocker guard/steps are you running?
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    1983 Jeep CJ7 AZ to PA

    Did you clean and hose off the underside before?