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  • I'm pretty sure you are the one I must say thanx to. My son and I restored an 84 scrambler. Being 15y/o he didn't really take the time to take quality pictures when taking jeep apart. He thought it was just a pic album showing start to finish. When we started to reassemble it, I asked him how things were wen he took it apart,,he quickly realized why I wanted him to take pix. Any how I Googled it and ur complete picture process popped up, and helped us tremendously, thanks again. By the way we were also floored a bit when we seen how similar our scramblers are from.start to finish..ours was flat black wen we started and went red for the finish.

    I bought a Mopar MPI today. A few of the parts are missing and there are NO instructions. Would you be willing to copy your instructions and mail to me? I would be happy to cover all expenses.

    Thanks in advance.

    Captain Jack Smith
    The Salvation Army
    PO Box 20110
    Juneau, Alaska 99802

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