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  • I finally did get my lift after a 3 month wait. Did you ever order one for yourself? If not, I have posted pictures in my gallery of the hardware and of my scrambler with the new lift. The ride is awesome compared to what I had and I am very pleased with the outcome.

    I did order the lift today and got it for about the same price I would have gotten it on sale. Should have have it next week because they did not have one in Florida. I saw you called RE today, hope they helped you out. I don't plan on a winch any time soon and went with the standard lift. Will send you some pictures when I get it on. Thanks for the message, I may have waited without it.
    "4MILE- Did you ever put the RE 4.5" suspension lift? If so which one did you get?I am about to order my re 4.5 just wanting some details on the pro vs. cons. Thanks"

    No.......I hesitated and was going to purchase from 4WD and it was about a $120 less than when I finally went to purchase. I am going to wait until it goes on sale again which they have often. Although your message has just prompted me to check on another option. A buddy of mine does alot of lifts and has gotten me good prices in the past. I have only seen one lift called "Extreme Duty". I have not read any thing but pros. I did read on here though where someone had suggested getting the rear for the front if you had aftermarket bumper and winch to support the extra weight. I would call their tech support for that. I imagine that would have to be purchased directly from RE.
    not a problem bud. I was talking about the pretty green one. The one you do not take off road. I liked both the front and rear bumpers.
    Hey Bud, Sorry I dont get on here much anymore. They are copies I made from some I found on the net. I will see if I have the link still. I bought one of his for Unlimited. Good dealings. Which Jeep bumper are you refering to? I have 6 Scramblers and a few other Jeeps? Is it the one on the Big built Jeep with 39.5"s or the Pretty Scrambler.
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