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    Southwest Performance Wire Harness

    I emailed and will see if they can tell me the gauge of the wires as well as email me the instructions mentioned to determine if this is a better purchase than the EZ wiring options others have mentioned.
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    Southwest Performance Wire Harness Has anyone used this harness. It says it includes the GM column connection as well. For the price it seems too good to be true but I just don't want the extra headaches if there is a better way other than Painless.
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    Meet Rusty, 82 5.0 Build

    Rusty, no more... New floors welded in and entire inside of the tub media blasted. Made a barrier in the garage that worked great. Already started sanding the exterior. Going to Por15 the inside tub once we get nicer weather.
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    Just bought an LS drivetrain.

    Do you have a part # or link to Summit or Jegs?
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    Sway Bar Link mods

    Yes, I have seen aftermarket rear sway bars because I have been looking for a front sway bar.
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    Scout the Scrambler

    What primer are you going to use? Are you going the POR15 / rust encapsulator route? I blasted the bottom of my tub and my next step is to blast the inside of the tub and will go with the por15 since I have used it before on my Tacoma's frame.
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    Scout the Scrambler

    What did it cost you to get all of that blasted?
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    Pics of your Christmas tree outings!

    No, you need to purchase a tag from the forest service and only harvest in designated areas.
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    Meet Rusty, 82 5.0 Build

    New floors installed. Just need to grind down the welds. Going to Por15 the entire tub once I finish the rear bed panel. Filled in the antenna hole that was incorrectly installed as well.
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    What's on your Work Bench?

    This is on my project list too. What did you use for the setup and what bellhousing is this. I have used before but would like to get other ideas as well.
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    Meet Rusty, 82 5.0 Build

    My first 67 Mustang had a transplant toploader 3 speed overdrive (4th was overdrive). I asked him if the T19 was rebuilt that way since he told me it was a fresh rebuild.
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    Meet Rusty, 82 5.0 Build

    OK, I have the 5.0 engine and correct bell housing and pilot bushing to install the t176. The only two things left are the hydraulic pedal setup and cutting 5/8 of an inch off the tip of the t176 tranny. But I really don't want to do that. I was looking around for a T18 or T19 but then I...
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    Meet Rusty, 82 5.0 Build

    I am so embarrassed, I forgot I taped that up when I removed the tub.
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    Meet Rusty, 82 5.0 Build

    Almost finished welding in the new floors and was underneath making sure the welds were penetrating through when I saw this wrapped up in masking tape in the transfer case. What is it and what is supposed to cover this?
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    Sway bar

    Thanks, I need to find one for sure.