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    Another Scrambler Purchase/Road Trip - UPDATE- BODY ON FRAME AGAIN

    If you opt for a replacement intake manifold look for the 99-04 4.0 liter horseshoe manifold. Part number 04854036. Bolt on fit and good for at least 50 more hp! OK maybe not, but they look cool. I’m running one of the DeLorean vapor canisters on the fuel injection conversion after some...
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    1985 Carter BBD Information Request

    Not sure if this helps since you are researching carbs for a CA emissions model. Here is the carb tag off of an 1985, 5 Sp, non altitude, non California emissions CJ7: 8384S. Matches up to the parts list above. This CJ was sold new in TX and spent it's life in Colorado so it would not have...
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    EFI on 4.2 from 95 4.0

    Here is a quick rundown of what you need to install the MPFI from a Wrangler/Cherokee on a 4.2. I am not sure of the differences between using a Cherokee MPFI system vs a Wrangler system. There are more detailed install instructions out there, this is the first one I had handy...
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    1983 Vacuum line nightmare

    Yeah that should work, I did the same thing about 15 yrs ago on the CJ7 I had at the time. Details on exactly what I did are fuzzy now but I replaced the rusty canister with a similar type plastic reservoir.
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    1983 Vacuum line nightmare

    The canister on the passenger fender is probably the vacuum reservoir. See this link: A lot of good information here to help you sort out the vacuum lines. I have never seen a new canister for sale but used ones are out there. A lot of them have rusted...
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    spankrjs's Biloxi, MS '83 Scrambler

    Heck yes this stuff is useful, thank you for posting it up! I think IAC on the DRB II is the AIS (Automatic Idle Speed) readout, if I am wrong let me know and I can go back and look at the other values. AIS at idle fluctuates from a minimum of 10 Steps to a Max of 16 Steps on this one. Not...
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    spankrjs's Biloxi, MS '83 Scrambler

    Interesting that the HESCO PCM does track alternator output to avoid the low/missing voltage code. I bought one of the last HESCO kits and it did not come with a manual trans PCM, ended up running a stock 1993 Wrangler 4.0 PCM. The stock PCM throws Code 33 (A/C) and Code 41 (Alternator Low...
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    spankrjs's Biloxi, MS '83 Scrambler

    Intermittent problems are so GRRRR! Is the PCM still throwing a Code #51 Lean Condition when the engine stumbles? Did you or HESCO adjust the timing on the PCM or is it at the factory setting? I know you can subtract 6 degrees of timing in the PCM but it takes one of the factory Jeep/MOPAR...
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    spankrjs's Biloxi, MS '83 Scrambler

    Intermittent issue with the MAP sensor? I have the MOPAR MPI single line kit on an 85 CJ7 and purchased a new map sensor over a year ago after a drive home where it was displaying the same issues you are having, missing, trying to stall, raw gas smell out the exhaust. Never replaced the MAP...
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    How not to cross a river in a CJ-8 (or anything)

    Was on the local news last night. From the linked article "According to Edwards, kayakers helped get the driver safely to shore. No one else was hurt."...
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    Laredo Seat Covers

    Good looking -7, same color as my 1985, 2D Deep Night Blue with 9EJ Honey with stripes. The Honey seats you have look to be in great shape, are you switching interior color over to Nutmeg? Wish I could help with the Honey Laredo seats but they are difficult to find. Those wheels with the BFG...