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  • I know it was an old tread, but do you have any more of the mastercraft od green seats available? Or know where I could maybe get a set? Thanks for any help you can give.
    Sorry it took so long to get back to ya. Busy as heck this time of year. My email is mss6393@aol.com. Were thinkin 1st day - tour and other three days hitting capital, smithsonian and whatever else you'd recomend. Too much info for my brain to retain while driving so sending me some recomendations would really help. I know you and your wife spoke of a couple "timed" tours that sounded great. Beings how part of our trip will be sat and sun maybe we should reserve mon and tuesday for the really busy spots so the lines might be shorter. Appreciate your help and hope to see you guys for dinner or something. Mike
    Hey buddy, Were coming to DC from march 18 to 23rd. got time for dinner? looking for good info about the city. any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. You know the usual tourist stuff. Taylor and i both love history. 4 days to spend. Where should we stay. tours? Maybe I could call ya soon to discuss. thanks. mike
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