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    From manual to automatic

    Can't believe I am even debating this; but, some unforeseen things have made driving a manual transmission possibly difficult long term. So, I am debating a change over to an automatic during my rebuild. I know the simple things... Just trying to see what I am missing. I know I will need a...
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    Daily Driver and Rust

    Panning my restoration. If it all works out it will happen this Spring! To begin, this rig (once done) will go back to being a daily driver (even in winter). I bought the rig with a very small rust spot. Daily driver for 5ish years and completely rusted out. A few years ago, I bought a...
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    Bedliner yes or no

    My original plan (years ago) included bedliner for the cab and bed areas. I have read where some people argue against this (it traps moisture promoting rust, can be difficult to remove, etc). I was thinking of removing everything (roll bar, seats, console, bulkhead) and having it all sand...
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    Half doors and half cab

    Has anyone had issue with a half cab using half doors with hard uppers? Trying to figure out exactly what switching back to a half cab will entail.
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    Interior sound quality

    Still planning things out (won't probably start turning wrenches for a few more weeks). I know these are Jeeps and not going to sound like Carnegie Hall or anything; but, what do people typically do in regard to half-cab soundproofing? There aren't a lot of surfaces. Is it even worth messing...
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    Hauling a canoe wth a half cab

    Still debating switching to a half cab. The largest issue I can find right now is where to put my canoe when I use it. Not a deal breaker; but, certainly something I want to get to the bottom of.
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    Half cab space beween seat and top

    It has been 11-years since I had a half cab on my Scrambler. I am seriously debating going back to one. Anyone know what kind of storage space there is behind the seats? I keep my seats back all the way and just need to know what I am looking at for storing important stuff back there.
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    My Scrambler came with Laredo seats in it. My older CJ-7 had some kind of stock non-bolstered bucket seats that were just incredibly comfortable. I am a pack rat and have kept both sets. I am torn between which ones I want to use. On the one hand, the Laredo seats seem more sought after and...
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    Been a while...

    Now that I am starting to wrap up my Grand Wagoneer restoration, I am gearing up to tackle my Scrambler. It has been several years since I have posted much here. Honestly, it just depressed me too much to see all the work you guys have done to your rigs as mine sat rusting; but, all that's...
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    Looking for a part (Grand Wagoneer not Scrambler)

    That's what a Non-linear Valve looks like. It is connected to that spaghetti bowl of vacuum hoses. Generally in the front, kin of by where the oil fill is. It connects to a couple of different CTO switches and the distributor. Thanks a bundle!!! Oh, and I am sure I need a couple of small...
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    Looking for a part (Grand Wagoneer not Scrambler)

    Anyone know where I can find a non-linear valve? These are vacuum related parts that regulate the vacuum source. Used on Grand Wagoneers and some Cherokees and Wranglers. Sorry to ask here; tried my other sources and figured you guys may be able to help...
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    Transfer case questions (not Scrambler specific)

    My wife's old Grand Cherokee has a SelecTrac NP-242 (can select between full or part time). My Grand Wagoneer has an NP-229 (full time) case. My Scrambler has a Dana 300 (part time only), My '05 Unlimited has a CommandTrac NV 231 (part time only) case, and my wife's new JK Unlimited has a...
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    Tire age and wear

    Not sure if this is the correct forum or not... I have questions on tires, age, and wear. From what I have read, tires aged over 10-years are considered a hazard. After contacting BFG, they concur...over 10-years replace them. The reason I ask is that the tires on my new Jeep are way...
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    LJ hardtops

    Is there any word on the hardtops JScherb was working on with Gr8tops??? Now that I have an LJ and all, I am excited about this. Best looking top on the market. Unfortunately, the soft top on my Jeep is not in as good a condition as advertised and I have the $$$ right now to get a hardtop...
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    Thoughts on expanding our forum

    Just wanted to see what others thought about this. I have always considered the LJ a long lost son to our Scrambler (limited numbers over a limited time period loosely based upon a common platform). And, now that I own one, I have noticed that like our Scrambler, it is not covered in any...