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    Is this someone on the board or does anyone recognize the Scrambler?

    I have a friend interested in this Scrambler. Thought I would check here first and see if anyone recognized it or maybe was a member. I'll try to post a pic but if not I cannot third party from work so It'll have to wait till I get home. It's an 85, blue, 6 cyl, T-5, 4" lift, half hard top in...
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    Dana 30 issues

    OK, 82 with stock axles, lunch box locker in front. mild 304 running 35's. Light trails, little mud as possible, daily driver (50 miles a day). Not exactly by choice. I was working on improving my steering. Steering shaft, tie rods, hd steering brace. (toe in was ok, camber is off...
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    Bottom Dragger--let me explain

    Ya’ll are going to love this. On one of our family trail rides everyone was quick to point out that the scrambler was “dragging” a little bit. I explained that in certain circles they have earned the nick name “tail dragger” and I always thought that was kind of neat. So did my kids. For...
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    Couple of Scrambler pictures

    Just wanted to post up a couple of "action" shots. The wife drove a little this trip and had a blast. She's understanding the term "upgrade" and how special it is to us. The front locker did well. I think it was lack of driving skill that got me stuck. I'll do better next time. Other...
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    winch bumper

    OK....I've heard from a couple of folks about a "factory" 8274 winch and bumper on some 7's and maybe 8's. Was this a factory option and does anyone have one? or a picture? There is a chance i could put my hands on this combo and i'd like to know more about it. thanks David
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    Safari Top CJ8 style

    OK, wasn't sure where to post so I just dumped it here. Because of my full roll cage I can't put a full soft top on and honestly don't want to. Keeping the sun off the kids in the back is a biggie so I took her to an upholstery shop and had this made. The guy did a fantastic job. There is...
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    Locker question (don't you get tired of seeing that)

    My question is a little different. Not much rock crawling in LA so i'm going with the Lock-right in the front. Let's face it, i'll have to make a 3 point (maybe 5) turn anyway. The question is do i put one in the rear as well? I already have a one piece axel back there but i do drive it on...
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    Jeep Jam Pre run

    Funny story, i'll try to make it quick. We had a local club ride this weekend. Big turnout 3 different trails. One really difficult and they encourage you to have 33's and locked (either front or back). Keep in mind this is only my second excursion and i'm in an open CJ. Natruall myself and...
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    Finally got her in the mud.

    OK....finally got to pile the family in for a ride. This was my first as well as my jeeps and we had a blast. I felt like i represented well. Had to take the strap a coupe of times (and the winch) but we tried. I did win the screaming contest thanks to my 7 year old (and i think i may have...
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    Fender Flares

    OK, Aussie locker in the front is next but then.....fender flares. I would like someting a little wider that stock but do not want to cut on the metal. Don't care to much about the "pocket" style but don't like it enough to justify the extra dollars. Will 7 flares work and just trim the flare...
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    Super lift added

    I didn't know if this should go in tech or here and here won. Jeep was riding very low so i added 2 1/2 super lift with 1 3/8" shackles. I wasn't crazy about the shackle height but they were in stock local and i wanted it done while the weather was good. Worked out great. I'm no mechanic and it...
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    Ultimate compliment

    This board is great. It's the reason I wanted an 8 (saw a picture of the double row seating in the back of a CJ on here and knew that was me) and i bought an 8 that was posted here. I really just bought it as a weekend cruiser for the family and light trails. I've owned it for a while and i'm...
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    258 to 304 swap questions

    Went with the 304 radiator but will my fan shroud work ?? The new radiator won't be in until tomorrow and just wanted to know if i needed to get this ordered. Also, the power steering pulley. I've got a new power steering pump ordered (and i've located a new bracket) but it doesn't have a...