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    4.2 with 4.0 head or stroker?

    Yes, when I had 31" tires and 3.73 gears it had no problem holding speed, it is solid. 5 speed manual, you could chirp the tires shifting 1-2 and once I chirped it going into 3. It will hold 70 no problem, it will hit 80, but its happy place is 30-60, so IDK how fast it will technically go...
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    4.2 with 4.0 head or stroker?

    I have a 258 with all the tricks (borla exhaust, hi-flow cat, 4.0 head, custom cam, Cherokee equal length, intake, Adjustable MAP sensor, MPFI, no detonation) and it runs great, but it is done by 4,000 rpm (really 3,800). Dont get me wrong, its a great and it will surprise you with how hard it...
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    Colorado Scrambler

    RMPN CJ-8, Whats the lift and tires on your Scrambler? It looks great. YJ-8
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    Help with BDS YJ spring conversions

    Are your shackles upside down? Often the cross bar/bolt is not centered. If so flip em over. B
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    Help me settle on an engine

    I have not measured but I would guess the LS is shorter than the I6 so you would gain room (length). I would also guess that there would be no tunnel cutting unless you are swapping the trans. If it was a year later then I would consider selling you my 258 and then I would go LS. That said a...
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    Help me settle on an engine

    I agree with post #9 I have a sweet mopar MPFI 258 in my Jeep, but doing it over again a 5.3 LS may be the way to go. My personal thoughts on a V6 is why? Is you are going to go through the trouble to swap the motor, then do it right, with 2 extra cylinders. YJ-8
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    I 2nd the Odyssey, have 1 in my Jeep and its great. (I think may crank the motor at idle rpm :) ) Replaced a yellow top Optima. Also a Sears Di-Hard Platinum is excellent (if you can find one-- also made by Odyssey), other die hards are not the same as the Platinum. YJ-8
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    Best Scrambler Exhaust Routing

    How do you recommend I end the exhaust on my YJ-8 Scrambler build? Out the rear, in most vehicles means fumes inside the truck if the back window is rolled up. All the way out the rear means it gets crushed on steep departures. Behind the rear tire is my fave but that means between the...
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    Just received my new hard top

    I have been looking for a nice 25+ year old hard top. Factoring in obstacles in finding a good used one (travel, age, color, repairing damage) I decided a new one is the way to go. My new Xtreme top arrived today, I have only test fit the top but I am pretty happy with it. Now the YJ8 project...
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    Would you extend your wheelbase?

    Hello all, I in the middle of extending my YJ into a scrambler. I am having thoughts on wheelbase/overhang/turning radius, i.e. 103.5" vs 106.75" vs 110" wheel base. The body will be full length CJ-8. For those of you with experience... Would you change your CJ-8 wheelbase and why? Jeep is...