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  • Thanks for the sacrifice of your time and help Kevin. You ROCK !!!
    I hope all went smooth.


    what a great way to close out my birthday than to hear from you again. Thanks for the note. Life has been a struggle past couple years, lost several good friends to cancer and my uncle and cousin in the same day, both to cancer. I am still Jeeping, but not in the Scrambler. Had to sell it because we couldn't afford the repiars on a weekly basis. I have a nice TJ now and love it!
    Hope all is well with you, say HI to your wife and daughter for me

    Hi zero2wow,
    Thanks, I think Ive seen pictures of your jeep from trail runs with Oregon bushhackers,
    I just got my 8 last month have always wanted one, now I'm not sure what I nwant to do to it
    Hey Jeff, Andy here in Palm Springs. Glad to see you posting on here again. It's been too long since we talked. We are still in PS and have shut down the B&B. Ecomony and housing loss just hasn't been good to us. We are considering sellling and moving to Texas...what a change that will be.
    Say hi to the girls for me and stay in contact, OK?
    HEY JEFF! It was fantastic to see you around here again! Sorry to hear about the continued health issues and I hope it continues getting better.

    Welcome back!
    Jeff it is great to hear from you. We have missed you at the past couple of nationals. I hope that you will continue to improve. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Our prayers are always with you.
    The family has been doing great. The kids, 21 and 18 yrs old for the boys and my "little" baby girl just turned 15 and is starting to drive..lol .. What age are your kids?

    I have been fighting a bad MRSA(i) virus and an infection for way to long.. the numbers are about 50-60% where the Infectious disease specialist says they need to be. But slowly the numbers get better.

    I've missed hanging with ya'll and after a number of phone calls in the last week I felt like I needed/wanted to re-engage.

    Have you been able to stay in one place and "settle down" abit? ;-))

    Thanks for sayin hello bro,
    Holy Cow!!! Jeff, How have you been my friend? We are doing well, kids getting ornery, but all is good. how about your family?

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