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  1. Belizeit

    13 bad ignition modules

    I really like my MSD unit. Vast improvement to the OEM ignition module.
  2. Belizeit

    The beginning.. the end.... and a fresh start

    Those work well
  3. Belizeit

    Deer Valley 2019

    That part of Cali is beautiful up there !
  4. Belizeit

    World Cab Retrofit Project

    I grew up in a very salty area which created quickly, metal rusting in no time. Even low quality stainless with in a week would start rusting. I remember my dad in the late 60's and early 70's using it to fight this battle. :) It was a no winning war.
  5. Belizeit

    World Cab Retrofit Project

    Been decades since I heard of someone using Naval Jelly. Looks like it cleaned up well.
  6. Belizeit

    walkerhoundvm's rebuild thread

    You could always scrap it on a nice boulder in some wash.
  7. Belizeit

    2019 PA Jeep Show

  8. Belizeit

    Rear Step Bumper Options?

    I see a couple a year - driving by.
  9. Belizeit

    Scramber with Factory AC

    Ice water actually works pretty well, I always carry it with me.
  10. Belizeit

    Rear Step Bumper Options?

    Seems like that would be plenty. Been a long time but seems like mine was only 1/16 X 1 X 2 The crack is actually on the driver side and was above the plate support
  11. Belizeit

    Rear Step Bumper Options?

    Mine came with a small piece of metal on the inside but not enough for even my 30" tire I had at the time. Probably need a big plate.
  12. Belizeit

    My First Scrambler

    I can say I have no experience with a buffer or pads so I would like to see those. Also have probably only waxed my CJ 3 times in 35 years. Luckily it has been in a garage the last 30 years so the paint is in fair condition / patina.
  13. Belizeit

    E-Brake question, 83 CJ8

    Yours looks just like mine. Maybe someone had some great fabrication skills. Looks factory though.
  14. Belizeit

    Rear Step Bumper Options?

    I have to admit when I saw your location and name, first thing I thought was " Oh Nooooooo :) Yeah I'm pretty good at watching a pre season game and looking at my iPad at the same time. After all it is just pre season. Anyway the bumper. When I bought my jeep 35 years ago it came...
  15. Belizeit

    Rear Step Bumper Options?

    Is this the style you are looking for ?
  16. Belizeit

    What's on your Work Bench?

    OH I see it now. Ear rings. :) Or for the really tuff, the end for a branding iron. Nice looking key rings !
  17. Belizeit

    What's on your Work Bench?

    cb what did you cut them with ? They seem pretty hard.
  18. Belizeit

    Rosco1974's 1985 CJ7 Project

    Nice work on the brace area !