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  1. Spieg

    Changed my steering gear and now the system won't prime - any suggestions?

    Just a hunch, is the lower steering column or coupling rubbing on anything (radiator hose maybe)?
  2. Spieg

    Welded Rear Bumper Question

    Looks like you have some cutting to do. I'd cut as close to the bumper as you can and mount some OEM style brackets to the frame ends. Then add a HD rear cross member, and you should be good to go with whatever bolt-on bumper you want.
  3. Spieg

    13 bad ignition modules

    I'd try to get one that hasn't been "tested". Who knows, maybe the tester is cooking them somehow?
  4. Spieg

    Weak points for Dana 30

    LOL... that's a good one!
  5. Spieg

    Changed my steering gear and now the system won't prime - any suggestions?

    I like to pop the port plugs and drain as much assembly fluid as possible, then fill the box with new fluid as much as possible (takes a little while to let gravity do it's thing) before mounting or attaching hoses. Once installed I jack the front wheels off the ground and cycle the steering...
  6. Spieg

    Fuel tank options

    It should fit with a skid made for 15 gal tank. Or you could use the old OEM 20 tank with a new skid plate.
  7. Spieg

    Dana 300

    IIRC, the rail closer to driver side controls the front output and the one closer to passenger side controls the rear..
  8. Spieg

    Weak points for Dana 30

    Probably the lockouts are the weakest point (intentionally so). Chromoly shafts are a popular upgrade along with a 30 spline carrier. Not much you can do about the ring/pinion gear. At some point it probably becomes cheaper/better to get a D44 (or D60).
  9. Spieg

    What new steering box upgrades have you used recently?

    Sounds fishy to me. I'd measure the housing diameter before installing to make sure it's the H1 box.
  10. Spieg

    Hard top removal HELP

    Assuming you've already tried penetrating oil on the threads and hitting it with a hammer, you may have to drill/cut the head off.
  11. Spieg

    Painting bumpers

    Bumpers tend to bump stuff (or get stepped on). My concern would be road gravel kicked up by traffic (or my own tires) as much as scrapeing on boulders. Cutting corners because I'm in a hurry usually seems to bite me in the behind eventually. YMMV.
  12. Spieg

    Painting bumpers

    I'm a believer in epoxy based primer especailly for something like a bumper that can take some abuse. I'd media blast first if possible.
  13. Spieg

    AMC 20 Fill Plug Replacement

    I like the inverted square plugs so you can just click a ratchet/breaker-bar on it (no socket required).
  14. Spieg

    Oil Pressure Question

    You can BRIEFLY ground the wire to see if it moves/pegs the gauge (indicating the sender is probably the issue... either shot or maybe too much teflon tape preventing thread ground), or if it stays at zero (indicating the gauge is shot, or the wire is broken).
  15. Spieg

    Baltimore Ed’s ‘02 Scrambler’ed Tj build

    Looks great. Are you going to have a roll bar/cage of some sort?
  16. Spieg

    After market gauges

    Don't recall the details but there was someone on e-bay selling rebuilt gauges that were reported to be pretty good. What is wrong with your gauges?
  17. Spieg

    All 4 fun event

    All 4 one or All 4 Fun? If the latter, I've been to several in the past. It's a blast, but there are quite a few people, so you need to have some patience at times. This year may be interesting since we had such a heavy snow season.
  18. Spieg

    Sweet J-10 Spotted Today

    That's a beauty!
  19. Spieg

    Replacement factory Roll bar

    If you go to the trouble of having one custom made, I'd ask if it can be made of heavier stock (thicker wall) than OEM.