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  1. DaveZilla

    Survivors - Where are you?

    How many are left? 80% or better original. I guess 80% is subjective; original paint, drivetrain and interior. Post up if this is you.
  2. DaveZilla

    Need Mechanic Advice

    I know there are a lot of very knowledgeable Jeep mechanics on here. I have a unique problem. I have a 83 258 engine: Problem: When I crank the engine, I get a coil spark just under the coil wire. The wire is good and seated correctly, there is no cracks in the coil that I can see. The engine...
  3. DaveZilla

    Hard door adjustments

    I was wondering if anyone had done any adjusting on hard doors on a Scrambler. The doors do not fit correctly, there is a gap of about 3/4" from the top of the door to the 1/2 hard top. I took a couple of photos with my cell phone and the only way I know to get it to someone is to email it. Not...
  4. DaveZilla

    Rebuilding spare tire carrier

    I am looking to see if anyone has ever replaced the wheel studs on a swing away tire carrier on their CJ Jeep? Thanks.
  5. DaveZilla

    Need Jeep Picked Up

    I need a Jeep delivered to Central Mississippi from South Florida. Anyone got any leads of a transport company or a person willing to make this run. Jeep does not run. Thanks for any leads.
  6. DaveZilla

    Replace capture nut

    I just had a capture nut in one of my seats break loose. Has anyone on here ever had to replace one? If so, what did you do? I really do not want to buy more seats. Thanks.
  7. DaveZilla

    Copper Brown Jeep Interior

    If your Jeep is Copper Brown and have original seats, would you post up what color your seats are? I am having a very difficult time locating Beige high back bucket seats. Thanks.
  8. DaveZilla

    Hard top glass seal

    Anyone got a line on where I can purchase a new rubber seal kit for my back glass in my half hard top? I noticed a small air gap between the seal and the top today. Seal appears to be shrinking up with age. Thanks.
  9. DaveZilla

    Different models and packages CJ8's

    Where can I get information on the different packages and/or models of the Scrambler's? Thanks, David
  10. DaveZilla

    Power steering and smog pump

    Recently purchased another 81 Scrambler and realized it did not have power steering until I picked it up. This Jeep has a smog pump on the drivers side. My other 81 Scramber I owned did not have a smog pump, but had power steering on the drivers side. Question: Does all 6 cyl Scramblers with a...