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    Renegade Slot Wheels?

    Keep an eye on Slots and hurricane wheels show up there every once in a while.
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    Rear Wiring Harness

    Thanks, fellas. I did not know that about CJ7s
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    Rear Wiring Harness

    Just bought a wiring harness kit from Centech for my 83 Scrambler (it's effectively and elongated CJ7 harness). The rear harness has leads for red marker lights in the rear quarter panel...which I've learned the CJ7 has but the CJ8 does not. Did I miss something? Is there a reason the leads are...
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    Wiring harness

    Centech, too.
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    CJ 8 Wiring

    I received the wiring harness from Centech on Thursday (fast!). Pics of the kit are attached. I started installing it this weekend. A couple of things I noticed • The firewall connector is not like the OEM version (Centech's version is round). Not a big deal, though I think Painless's version...
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    CJ 8 Wiring

    I just ordered a centech harness on Monday. You have to order the scrambler version over the phone. I haven't received it yet, but will post again when I do. I did a fair amount of research and it seemed to me that Painless and Centech are about the same. The only real difference is cost, IMO.
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    Brake Line Source

    That's probably what I'll end up doing. Tried to re-flare the line, but a cheap flaring set means lop-sided flares that leak.
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    Brake Line Source

    Thanks for that suggestion. I guess I just assumed shops don't do that kind of stuff anymore.
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    Brake Line Source

    Anyone have a good source for brake lines? The line running from my MasterCylinder to my proportioning valve (primary) is leaking (manual brakes) and I want to replace it. I can only seem to fine it at inlinetube, but I have to buy a full kit.
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    SCRAMBLER Wheel question

    I think this issue you have to watch out for is the diameter of the center hole. Mickey Thompson makes the Classic line (looks a lot like these), but it's my understanding that they shrunk the center hole at some point (Classic III?) and they no longer fit over the hubs on CJs even with the...
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    Official Forum Lurker Intro Thread!

    Longtime lurker (and CJ7 owner), but look what finally followed me home. 1983 CJ8 with 151 Iron Duke and not sure what transmission. Body looks great on the outside, but rusty as heck on the inside. Frame is solid though. Looking forward to learning a lot from those in the know!