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  1. Otto

    Steering Shaft Lower Boot

    Last fall I put a new (eBay) rubber boot on the lower coupling at the gear box. Drove it a month and a half and put it in the garage for the winter. Now, the boot is torn. The rubber is just junk, cheep. What boot can I get that is use able?
  2. Otto

    Drive shaft u joint bolts.

    When did the 12 pt bolts start being used on CJ's? I'm putting the Drive shafts on and have a pile of 12 pt, but would rather use the regular 5/16 hex 6 point of which I'm short 4.
  3. Otto

    Jeep T5 question

    How much end play(thrust) is okay on the counter shaft? This is out of an 83 and is an early case. The cases on the newer T5's include a stopper plate bolted on around the exposed bearing by the 5th gear.
  4. Otto

    Does anyone hail from Baraboo,Wi?

    Spotted this at a local shop here. It is looks fairly rust free and came from Or.
  5. Otto

    Happy New Year!!

    We're looking for a 1995 Wrangler for my oldest boy, who has decided he wants to start with a Jeep. I have about $1500 to spend. I can travel the 5-state area around Wisconsin.
  6. Otto

    Covington, OH

    I was driving on 36 in the semi and saw a cj 8 by a house( several miles west of town). Was it anyones from the board?
  7. Otto

    FSJ interior color

    Did the early 80s wagoneers come with nutmeg color? Was there another color; similar to nutmeg, but darker?
  8. Otto

    Going to Classic

    For WI.,ILL. re-builders: Tomorrow I am driving up to Classic Enterprises in northern wi. I have to pick up some replacement panels. They mentioned, that they had a cj-8 cargo floor second for half price. I don't need it, but I can haul it or other panels south to save you on shipping. I'm...
  9. Otto

    transfer case hardware

    I took the D300 off the sr4. The 3 bolts are 7/16x 1 1/4 and 2 nuts day late and a dollar short
  10. Otto

    EAA eights

    On Sunday, we went to EAA in Oshkosh, WI. Amazed to see Scramblers all over the place! An 8 here and an 8 there. The grounds used them for VIP transport, servicing aircraft, driving down the runways to clear wondering peoples, picking up cones --- almost as many eights as aircraft -- well, not...
  11. Otto

    New Addition

    Last week, we went a picked up a new family vehicle. This was an e-bay buy it now. The dealer specializes in Jeeps in Joliet, IL. It has a Dana 30. Has a third row seating option, so the whole family can travel to church and what not at thirty miles to the gallon as opposed...
  12. Otto

    Wi scrambler for sale

    On the local BB;I think this is the one I posted as scrambler sighting in late summer. Typical Wi rust.
  13. Otto

    side rail detail

    Need help with side rails. I'm looking for dimensions for the routed design on the edge and the front side of the board. I need to know what size bit to buy. Thanks!
  14. Otto

    scrambler sighting/happy 4th

    Happy independance day!! I was surprised to see another eight in my neck of the woods! This is the typical rusty shape after years of salt. The plate is a volunteer fireman special.
  15. Otto

    Comanche Drive Train

    Need advice, will this work?? $900 1988 Comanche pick-up truck 4.0 5speed 50k original miles; is this drive train a good swap to my stock Scrambler? My axles are leaking; the transfer case gears are chipped; have the 151 engine and 'fabulous' SR4 (it doesn't 'pop' out of gear at all. ;) )
  16. Otto

    Vaccum connections 151 engine

    Could some one post a picture of the side of their 'rotten-chester' carberator, showing where the vaccum hoses hook up and were they go? :confused: Or explain in words where which hose hooks up to what. The Chiltons nor Haynes show the 151 4cyl in their diagrams.:( Thanks!
  17. Otto

    Warning Unscrupulous buyer

    I have been trying to sell my Mazdas via the internet. Got a few e-mails from this guy. Red flags were flying when he was not interested in my ton and a half of spare parts for my 20+ year old truck. Then we got THIS e-mail: Have not heard back, since I refused to pay his agent $5,000 with...
  18. Otto

    What to do with my diesels?

    My job takes me off road alot, setting traps for the AG Dept. Farmers will say -- just drive on back to the north 40 and ... I would get stuck right away. :mad: Last summer (after 15 years of driving a diesel in the summers), I parked my diesel Mazda pickup truck and bought a Scrambler. A...
  19. Otto

    scrambler sighting

    Have a look at lead picture of nevada flooding on fox news tonight. safendry!! I'm not sure how to post a link maybe some one could help.
  20. Otto

    glove box manual

    Would any one be able to scan/post the little book usually found in the glove box? mine is missing;so is the glove box too!! I was looking for oil/filt change capacity thanks