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  1. Idigmycj8

    need ideas on a rotisserie.

    Hello fello jeepsters! I need some ideas on building a versital n compact auto rotisserie. I am starting planning on restoring my 1981 cj8. It has some rust issues n I want to build a rotisserie so I can get to every angle of the body possible. making it easier on myself. I need use some ideas...
  2. Idigmycj8

    what to do! what to do!!

    Hello fellow scramblers... I recently acquired a 1981 cj-8 in trade that I saut out and came across on CL Indiana.. been looking for a jeep for a while. One of my bucket list must haves for a poor boy with a dream. I wanted something different n uncommon. That is the way I roll. I have posted...
  3. Idigmycj8

    rusty revival!!

    Hi Im new to the site n just received my first jeep through trade. Always wanted something different n bad ***. excuse my French.. so I traded for a 1981 cj8 with a 304. I likey !! Now the fun begins. want to do a frame off restore. not perfect but nice.. has rust on side panels n both floor...