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  1. bigwalton

    World Cab Retrofit Project

    I believe it doesn’t get “used up” right? Seem to recall that from their booth talk at SEMA a while back. You just re-store it and use it over and over?
  2. bigwalton

    2020 Scrambler Owner Association - National Scramble - Rausch Creek, Pine Grove PA

    Is the “free” camping in a central area or dispersed?
  3. bigwalton

    1983 Vacuum line nightmare

    I got one used, so not much help there, it was a junkyard take-out. I removed every single thing related to emissions with the carb and hei swap. There are nicely done emission system/hose diagrams out there for CJs that were great for sorting this stuff out. I have to think a google search or...
  4. bigwalton

    1983 Vacuum line nightmare

    Here’s my comment on vacuum lines. I had every one of them on mine when I got it. Lived in NC where there were emissions tests. Removed all the emissions crap, still passed :shrug: If it’s not a full on restoration I’d get all you can out of there. I did a MC2100 and HEI and got down to the...
  5. bigwalton

    JJs Postal Rebuild Thread - USPS CJ-8 Postal Scrambler #94

    Made it up and got situated in camp with plenty of time for dinner before heading out to sunset. Some nice color but not an actual sunset proper. Cool reflections though. Mr Beep made an appearance, sadly because a Scrambler is down
  6. bigwalton

    My First Scrambler

    Very nice! Welcome!
  7. bigwalton

    The Descrambler Project

    Awesome to see this on the road! Sadly, because we moved to the new forum software all the people that I am sure were following this thread didn’t get the notification about the update. Hopefully they’ll visit and find it for themselves soon. So very cool and such amazing work you put in :bow...
  8. bigwalton

    Project "Blue", My 1987 J20 Build

    YES! :woohoo:
  9. bigwalton

    Louisiana Edition Wrangler

    Wait, what?
  10. bigwalton

    It's been 20 years but finally bought another Scrambler

    Wow :eek: I’d condition and polish that paint straight off, I bet that thing shines like mad with some attention. Unless you’re going to replace the engine with something else I’d try to get it running and driveable as it sits. Go through the brakes, steering, fluids, etc. but I’d get what you...
  11. bigwalton

    JJs Postal Rebuild Thread - USPS CJ-8 Postal Scrambler #94

    We now have a thread accounting for the Postals with VINs where supplied. Just as an update.
  12. bigwalton

    DJ in a CJ (Radwood)

    I just found out about the whole Radwood thing last week. Had never heard of it before and this guy is perfect for it. Very cool setup.
  13. bigwalton

    North Carolina Scrambler

    I feel like I know that Jeep...
  14. bigwalton

    Craigslist and Estate Sale finds!

    Picked up on those subtle clues, did ya? :rotfl: ;)
  15. bigwalton

    SJScrambler - Getting Started

  16. bigwalton

    Runck bumper opinions?

    I went back to find the photos of what I ended up doing with the rear bumper and realized that I never really explained what ended up happening. I cut the ends off of the rear crossmember flush with the frame, both body mount holes were shot, so I needed to deal with them anyway. The Runck...
  17. bigwalton

    Runck bumper opinions?

    LOL, they were out because I just changed the oil in the Renegade and they’re the easiest thing to use for that. I should have pulled out the sawhorses to get it up higher and save my back but they were right there.
  18. bigwalton

    Runck bumper opinions?

    Oh yeah, that’s better. Going to have to strip and paint the Warn mounting setup too if I’m doing all this... Figuring out some “rollers” to install on top of the bumper to keep my soft shackles from sliding sideways. With no shackle mounts and me not wanting to mess with adding anything major...