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  1. Schlap

    As far as forums go, CJ-8 is best

    Hey everybody I don’t spend much time on the internet or social media. I usually get on quickly when I need to figure something out and get off as quickly as possible. I joined this forum when I bought a Scrambler, I’ve visited the wrangler forum, the AEV forum for info on my Brute, and the...
  2. Schlap

    Summer Fever

    So, Little Big Town's next single is called Summer Fever. It has a line: "got that top back on that Jeep". They shot the video last weekend in Florida. Did they take the Scrambler? No. Do I feel like I've let every one of you guys down? Yes. I'm sorry fellas.
  3. Schlap

    hard top hoist

    Howdy. I searched here a couple months ago for advice on doing a homemade Harken Hoister. I read a few threads that were also looking for advice but didn't see any that had successfully done it. I really wanted to build one so I just figured it out on my own and want to share here in case anyone...
  4. Schlap

    Building a Brute

    Many years ago I saw a Brute kit in the Essentials catalog and immediately wanted one. I bought a 97 TJ in 2000 and drove it until 2007 when I bought a 2006 LJ & gave the TJ to my 4 nephews in California so each of them could drive it for their Jr & Sr years of High School. I got it back last...
  5. Schlap

    Scrambler Porn

    After promising for 4 years that I would post pictures, I posted 39 pictures on my profile page for your viewing pleasure. I never realized I could include photo albums with my profile until tonight. next time I get a chance to fire up the old PC, I'm going to explore some other profiles and...
  6. Schlap

    floor pan plugs

    Does anyone have any floor pan plugs for sale? I've looked all over the internet for rubber ones and can only find plastic ones that don't actually fit. I'm about to go looking for a junk yard; I knew where they were when I lived in VA but haven't been to any in the Nashville area. Looks like I...
  7. Schlap

    My wife won a Grammy!

    Really happy for my wife who won a Grammy last Sunday. She asked me why I was building a shelf in the garage. I told her it was to put her Grammy on. She asked why it was in the garage. I told her if the garage is good enough for the Scrambler, it's good enough for her Grammy. Sorry, I'm bored...
  8. Schlap

    Front leaf springs

    So I bought a Scrambler with no top or doors. I noticed before I bought it that the front end leaned towards the driver's side. The p.o. had some bs excuse about a poorly done weld. You can't really tell from this photo. SAD! But I wanted to include a photo. I know you all love photos. When I...
  9. Schlap

    Top & doors wont marry to body

    I bought an 82 Scrambler last spring. It spent most of its life in AZ so it had no rust; but it also had no top or doors. So. I bought a brand new Gr8top & bulkhead and I've bought a set of used doors AND a set of NOS door shells because the used doors had too much rust damage to be fixed AND be...
  10. Schlap

    door dilemma

    So, I purchased a set of doors to refinish and put on for the winter. I took the weatherstripping & seals off and noticed some bondo on the posts that go around the windows on both doors. I sanded them down and found some rust that goes all the way through the outer skin on one door, a fair...
  11. Schlap

    OEM radio

    I'm thinking of installing a console that holds a stereo. I'm also thinking it would be great to put an original radio in the dash for looks. I'm sure most people in the late 80s and early 90s pulled the factory stereos out and put in CD players. I would also imagine a lot of those old radios...
  12. Schlap

    big dilemma

    I've got a big problem! My throttle cable snapped on a Scrambler I recently bought. Went to the parts stores to get a replacement but when I went to install it, it wont work with the configuration under my hood. I've got the 4 cyl 151 engine but I've also got a Weber carb. the only cable...
  13. Schlap

    Just bought a Scrambler!

    Just showing off a photo. It's a 1982, 4 cyl, manual trans, in great shape. Life is good!