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    Steel hood or fiberglass?

    My Scrambler build is kinda a Frankenstein between two projects, a CJ7 I built in high school and a 8 I bought recently. So I have a lot of duplicate parts and I want use the better stuff on the scrambler. The 8 came with a fiberglass hood but the rest is all steel. The aluminum hood is...
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    Think I changed my mind on color combo, anyone have pics?

    Would love to see more pictures of your white scrambler color combos.......
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    Think I changed my mind on color combo, anyone have pics?

    one more :)
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    Rocks in tires??

    Took the spare off my new 8 and it's sounded awful funny. Anyone seen gravel in tires before? Someone said it may be an old school way of balancing lage tires? I have never heard of any thing like this before....
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    AMC 20 diff cover

    Why is the amc 20 such a PITA when changing the fluid? Looks like the previous owner went pretty heavy with the RTV. Any tricks to getting it off? I feel like I am bending the cover prying so much..... Also when reinstalling do you guys recommend a gasket or just RTV? Thanks for the input...
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    Half door uppers

    My scrambler came with a STC(Kayline) full soft top with YJ half doors and soft uppers(see pics below). I am looking to buy some new Skins for the uppers but not sure what to get. The factory YJ uppers seem more "square" at the top rear, and the TJ uppers have that weird "hook" were the upper...
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    Soft tops for scramblers

    I would be interested in something like this. I currently have a full soft top and run 99% of the time with the windows and rear rolled up. What would be really intriguing to me is something like this that fits directly on top of the roll cage I am in the process of building, ie no external...
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    Fender Flares

    I might have answered my on question looks like the 10910-07 are for the CJ and the 10909-07 are for the YJ...... But they look almost identical to me? Bushwacker 10910-07 Jeep Cut-Out Fender Flare - Set of 4 Bushwacker...
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    Fender Flares

    Below is a link to the ones I acquired. However after reading this thread it appears that there are bushwacker or rampage (same???) cutt out fender flairs which match these (which are the YJ style) spicifficly for a CJ. I am curious about the differences and if anyone has a link, model#, or pics...
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    Fender Flares

    Hate to resurrect an old thread however, I just picked up a set of these for a seal and I am trying to determine what the part number is for the "CJ" fronts?? Bushwacker 10910-07 Jeep Cut-Out Fender Flare - Set of 4 (what I got) Bushwacker 10059-07 Jeep Cut-Out Fender Flare - Front Pair...
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    SOA conversion

    He also has a great article on setting your pinion angle, and axle wrap prevention.....
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    SOA conversion

    I did a SOA on my CJ7 using YJ springs and Wagoneer Dana 44's on 35's It really wasn't too bad. I basically followed John Nutter's instructions[1] to the tee. It did amazing off road, super flexy. I used used YJ springs, new oem sprigs may be more stiff for the street, or adding a leaf like...
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    Fixed or tilt driver seat bracket

    This is a great point, I am going with a full soft top so I think tumble is the way to go. Thanks for the input.
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    Fixed or tilt driver seat bracket

    Debating whether to install a fixed or tilt seat bracket in the Scrambler. I have both laying around, my CJ7 and the tilt and it seamed not very useful with the steering wheel in the way. Just curious if you guys had any pros or cons?
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    Think I changed my mind on color combo, anyone have pics?

    Here are the orange ones just to compare them all... (I am going through the same decision so it's fresh on my mind)
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    Think I changed my mind on color combo, anyone have pics?

    Can't go wrong with white and the yellow/orange decals. However I am really leaning towards White w/ Tan Laredo decals, and spice soft top. If I could get the decals with scrambler lettering instead of Laredo I probably would have already pulled the trigger. I do feel you on the swosh though.....
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    Lido storage box?

    Came across the attached pic today, and I have never seen a storage box like this before. I did a quick search and did not find much. Anyone know if they still make these or if there are other storage boxes like this? I think it's a good use of space in the back of the scrambler.
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    STC top hardware

    Greetings, I just brought home a "new' scrambler which came with a "Speciatly Top Company" (STC) "fast track top" (part #108-21x). The top looks to be in pretty good condition. It has most of the hardware, but missing a couple of pieces to be complete and usable. I am looking for the bars That...