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  1. sdsupilot

    Gr8Dain's 4.0/aw4 swap from a 97 XJ

    You may already know this... You can loosen the bolt on the harness bulkhead/pass though. Once removed, you can un-clip the horn, headlights, blinkers and such from the main harness block. Makes it much easier to remove the entire front clip as one unit.
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    Hey y'all. I was thinking about picking up this rig for $5800. What all would go into adding a back seat?

    That frame reconstruction definitely moved the body mounts. The welds look a bit suspect. If you want a scrambler vin to use on a new frame and tub... I wouldn't buy this planning to drive your children around in though (unless just wheeling). I would wait and find something in better shape...
  3. sdsupilot

    Gr8Dain's 4.0/aw4 swap from a 97 XJ

    If there is a LKQ or "you pull it" nearby, you should be able to source what you need fairly cheaply. I did a similar (but GM) swap that was OBD1. Honestly, sorting out the harness took more time than installing the drive train. I started with the mindset of going pin by pin removing anything...
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    It's begun! (350/SM465/D300)

    Great deal on passing smog. What do you think of the detroit in the rear?
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    Operation Hammer Down aka Operation Red Team Blue Team

    That is the best horror story I've read. I can't imagine what it was like driving out and not knowing if you would actually find the Jeep. Very happy about the at least halfway happy ending. I do feel pity for the poor driver. Can't imagine being in that financial/life position to be stuck...
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    The story of Peggy's jeep.

    There has been some discussion on 6 bolt hubs. After I broke a factory 5 bolt, I replaced that hub with a 6 bolt locking hub. I have 3 hubs to show some differences. On the left is from a 76-80 CJ7 with disc brakes. Middle is a 70s CJ5 with drum fronts. Right is my 81CJ8. The only...
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    1953 CJ-3b

    The high hoods have really gown on me. Easiest CJ to identify as nothing else looks like them. I keep seeing people out enjoying their flatties and it makes me want to "finish" my 3a. How did the wheeling trip go?
  8. sdsupilot

    ‘82 Engine Swap & Restification

    Does the crack appear to go through the bolt hole? I would agree with welding it and using it. On the computer screen it almost looks more like a casting flaw than a crack. Hard to tell depth though.
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    100% agree. My favorite was the white one at Moab with the scrambler graphics.
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    What degree shims do i use with the RE 4.5 lift.

    I have a 4" BDS lift with Curry 3/4" shackles. I have a Tom Woods CV driveshaft and used RE1469 8 degree steel shims. Alignment is within a degree of perfect. Those shims aren't ideal, but after re torquing the U bolts several times everything seems good. New spring perches would be best -...
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    4 cyl iron Duke to 6 cyl swap?

    I have an 89 TBI 4.3 in mine. Swapped the 258, SR4 and Dana 300 out as I wanted EFI and an auto. It has good power, but hasn't proven to be very economical yet...
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    Detroit Locker Disassembly/Reassembly

    You will have to let us know what you think of it. I'm still debating a true track or full locker for the rear myself.
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    82 UK Spec Laredo Scrambler Build No 2

    Some measurements from mine. I put a square on the front of the engine. The square shows the front of the serpentine pulley at 7” back from that hole/oval in the passenger side frame rail. The center of the distributor is 4 3/8” from the firewall. From the firewall to the arm of the belt...
  14. sdsupilot

    82 UK Spec Laredo Scrambler Build No 2

    I would be pretty tempted to move the engine back and weld the mounts in place. Since the frame is sloped down, you may need to put some strap steel on top of the frame to get the engine to sit back (Mine slopes 4 degrees down from front to back).
  15. sdsupilot

    82 UK Spec Laredo Scrambler Build No 2

    I can take some measurements if it would help you. I am around 1.25-1.5" offset to the drivers side. Distributor is very close to the firewall, I wanted to leave space for 2 extra cylinders. Further from the firewall will help with the fan shroud if you keep the mechanical fan. Those mounts...
  16. sdsupilot

    My 85' Restoration

    My tub had the same crack where the spare tire carrier mounted (passenger upper). Make sure the brace on the inside of the tub fits flush against the tub. Mine was poorly made from the factory. When it tightened down it forced the tub to flex to meet the brace on the inside. I welded some...
  17. sdsupilot

    Leaky Power Steering

    I did leave out much of the not fun details... 7 years helps you forget how much of a pain it was. It is much easier with the front clip off. As walker and spieg noted, access sucks. I used the 2x4 method mentioned above.
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    Leaky Power Steering

    GM 4.3 swap here. I used a oreillys replacement CJ power steering hose (few years old with the a AMC 258) and the S10 factory hose. Both of these the pressure side. Return side just uses a hose clamp at the pump and was fine with the swap. I took both pressure side hoses to a local custom...
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    Chevy/GM ECU Reprogramming

    Post #83 has the pictures. I used the factory S10 manifolds. It isn't my finest fab work, but it doesn't leak or rattle. I bought 2 2.25" J bends from summit or jegs then cut and welded. The manifolds dump to the rear, then I rerouted around the front of the oil pan to join the drivers side...
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    Chevy/GM ECU Reprogramming

    Having 1000 miles on my 4.3 swap, my only advice would be to strongly consider keeping the 4l60. I had a manual before and wouldn't go back, but it is personal preference. With mine, I never separated the engine/trans. Worked the harness following Bills advice on the binder planet links...