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    Frustrating Cowl Seal

    Need help guys... Started out with Original frame, aftermarket hinges... Glass was seperating, frame rotted. Replaced with a fiberglass frame and new glass and new cowl seal from 4wd. Cant get the windshield to pull back to the 97-3/4 inches for the supertop and seal is sticking out about...
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    Bestop Supertop and YJ Half Doors... Help

    I have a brand new bestop supertop on my scrambler and YJ half steel doors... Does anyone know if the bestop supertop uppers doors for steel half doors will work for my top, windshield ect.? I know they will fit the doors, but im worried about the yj upper doors on cj top and cj windshield...
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    CEvans87 1981 Build

    Well, After searching for many years ... I finally got a Scrambler. Been into Jeeps heavily for years and have built some nice ones, but I have always wanted a Scrambler. I found this one just browsing Craigslist one day and sent the guy an email asking if he would be interested in a trade for...