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  1. trust

    Interesting stuff from the road, at least interesting to me

    small towns are the best!! Id love to have this guys collection to treasures
  2. trust

    what am I not thinking of? Speedometer issues

    Not sure this is the right forum but here goes anyway. My speedo quit working, I assumed it the cable and dig out my replacement cable and start to fix it. the old cabe is fine, I tak eboth ends loose and if I spin one end the other follows suit so I think bingo, except for the blood Im golden...
  3. trust

    Front Axle upgrade

    I think I might want to upgrade the front axle so I can change to a lower gear ratio and still have adequate tooth engagement. I currently have a Scout II rear D44 and intuitively it seems the mate to that would be my best choice but I understand Scouts have some funky alignment specs up front...
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    OK all, My 82 258 with a 4.0 head and MOPAR EFI conversion is knocking, the local shop thinks its a wrist pin but regaardless I need to address the 258 portion of the engine. Seems my options are to simply buy a rebuilt 258 and swap the head and EFI and put it in. Probably easiest but not...
  5. trust

    motor mounts?

    Does anyone know of a robust motor mount like the MORE 'bomb proof' mounts that also lowers the engine a skosh? I thought someone did but i couldnt find them searching today thanks
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    LED headlights

    Some time ago I swapped in some headlights that use a replacable halogen bulb, they helped but are still suboptimal at times. I saw a YJ with a similar set up but the halogen bulbs were swapped for LEDs. The owner raved about them but then dont we all rave about our upgrades? My question is do...
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    electric fans

    I was watching the show Motorz the the other day and one of the viewers questions that was answered was the biggest seat of thepants power increase bang for the buck, exhaust, cold air intake, etc. The host surprised me by saying that in his experience the most noticable powerincrease came from...
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    best front fenders?

    I need a new front fender, seems Omix is about 20% more expensive than Crown, are they really any better? 4+x what I paid for the last ones I bought, sheesh!only 30 years ago too....
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    Help me understand

    this is totally irrelevant and is just something that Ive been trying to understand. How do we value Jeeps? When is a given price ridiculous for one jeep when another that SEEMS comparable or even to be less, is a steal? Ive beeen spending alot of time at my mom's about 300 miles away due to...
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    I replaced the speed o cable last week and it lasted 10 12 miles before it failed (mostly cause im a *******), I was going about 35 or 40 MPH when it failed and now the speedo is registering 35 all the time, parked, running, not running, all the time.... So, did I ruin my speedo head and I need...
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    Speedo R/R

    my Speedo cable broke this past spring, Ive been using the GPS for speed but would like to fix it now for some reason. I have AC, I assume it has to go to get to the speedo cable at the back of the gauge? I can get my hand on the cable but not th enut. any tricks Ive not thought of? Through the...
  12. trust

    Really? Steering line R/R

    Do I really need to pull the radiator and grill just to change the #($*&^ PS hoses? Any tricks Im not seeing? thanks
  13. trust

    New steering column

    The pice that ties the column lock to the rod to the actual switch has broken in my column, other than that its still nice and tight, its a tilt and is solid. I know I could tear it all down and rebuild it myself probably, its been this way better than a year though so Im not seeing it happening...
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    steering box leak

    My steering box has developed a pretty good leak at the input shaft seal (I think), can it be replaced in situ or is it faster, better, cheaper to just swap teh box out for a rebuilt one? thanks
  15. trust

    stock roll bar value

    I wasnt sure where to post this so apologies if I chose wrong. I got a rather cryptic email from a friend wanting to know if I knew anyone who wanted a "a lady asked us if we knew anyone who needed a full factory (?) rollbar for a CJ-8. " , when I asked for info I got "She said it was a whole...
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    Scrambler Safari??

    Got to thinking after talking to a friend today who is about to hear to Moab for the Bronco Safari, there are annual vehicle specific events there all the time, a Toyota safari, Broncos, K5 blazers, and others, I think there is even a Unimog safari though Im not sure. I wonder if it would be...
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    door latches dont

    I swapped on my hard half doors for spring/summer and my passenger side door wont latch now, most of the time. sometimes it does, every time it will latch, pop halfway loose and then may, or may not, completely release the first bump, or upon any movement at all. I've looked at adjustments and...
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    Go Pro?

    Does anyone have a go pro camera on their Jeep? I found one on craigs last night that hasnt been used and is a decent price. I'm wondering, though, if id use it and if I even could use it for other video opportunities. I dont have a video camera and I often think Id like one but I'm not sure I...
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    Has anyone seen a Scrambler with a topper on the back? I'm thinking of looking into having an aluminum shell made to enclose the bed for longer wheeling/camping trips. It would have been nice to have had last month when we did the Mojave road/preserve and Death Valley and even nicer last spring...
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    In Tank Fuel Pumps

    Have any of yall put your fuel pumps in the stock gas tank? I'm running the MOPAR EFI on an other wise stock 258 with the 4.0 head and have thought about putting the pump into the tank to help with occasional vapor lock. Ive heard that a 4.0 YJ pump assembly can be snaked into a stock tank but I...