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  1. RandyLL

    EJS 2016

    Another familiar CJ-8 in Moab.
  2. RandyLL

    EJS 2016

    Wheeling with some Kansas Scramblers.
  3. RandyLL

    EJS 2016

    I am thinking about going. It would be a last minute decision, so I haven't made any reservations yet. Might have to rough it. I took my Scrambler to moab 10yrs ago (not EJS), and now I'd like to take my Unlimited.
  4. RandyLL

    Soft half tops on Ebay

    Just thought I would post that I saw (2) Half soft tops on Ebay. NOS, one brown, one white.
  5. RandyLL

    Nice older Jeepster pictures

    Saw this in Key West recently. Didn't get to talk to the owner.
  6. RandyLL

    New (to me) ride

    Didn't take as long as I thought it would to find something I wanted. Yes, I still miss the Scrambler. 2006 Rubicon Unlimited (1 Long TJ)
  7. RandyLL


    I sold my Scrambler.:( Yes, I already miss it, and kind of regret it. It was hard to justify the upkeep when I didn't have enough time to enjoy it (I work weekends). I just wanted to say this is a great club and website, and I appreciate all the help and advice I received from both. The...
  8. RandyLL


    I would like to replace my missing swaybar. Based on Ebay bushings, there is a 7/8" and a 15/16" size. Does anyone know which size I need for for my 82 wide trac, or length? Also, do I need longer than stock links to match my lift. All I have is the frame brackets.
  9. RandyLL

    Engine cuts out while driving at speed

    At highway speeds, my engine seems to cut out completely then comes back. Intermittantly and some days worse than others. It has newer fuel tank, new fuel lines, filter, etc. I've swapped ignition module, coil, wires, cap, rotor, starter relay (I had one short out internally), etc. I know I've...
  10. RandyLL

    Alternator output?

    Is 14.6V too much. I don't want to fry the battery. I'm using the camaro alt. upgrade.
  11. RandyLL

    Tow shackles?

    Thinking of getting front tow shackles. Any towing issues? Also, I'm wondering if they're going to hit my front (stock) bumper when pushed forward.
  12. RandyLL

    Wheeling again

    It had been almost two years since I've been on a trail ride. The jeep actually sat undriven for over a year before I got it going this spring. No upgrades to speak of, just little issues and no time. However, I must say it performed very well. The carb actually runs and idles better on the...
  13. RandyLL

    Textured powder coating?

    Has anyone seen and/or liked the black textured powder coating. I realize the gloss would slide better (for rocker guards), but I'm not too crazy about the shine.
  14. RandyLL

    Starter relay?

    I went to get a new starter relay (solenoid) and the parts guy gave me a little metal box with about 5 male spades sticking out of it. Because I asked for a relay and not the solenoid. I have never seen this item on my jeep nore do I see it on my FSM wiriing schematic. He insisted it must be on...
  15. RandyLL

    Temperature questions

    My temp gauge reads hot (all the way over but not pegged), but I don't think it is running hot. Radiator,heater core, cap, and thermostat have all been replaced since I've owned it. No recovery bottle but it does not blow coolant when I turn it off. Lower hose cool to the touch after driving...
  16. RandyLL

    EGR valve ?

    Should the EGR move when vacuum is applied directly to it. Or is it only activated when there is positve backpressure (exhaust). Mine does not move with vacuum. I can move it manually, and it does have an effect on the engine when running. More importantly, does it really matter or is it...
  17. RandyLL

    Engine dies when I come to a stop

    I thought I'd seen this problem discussed before but could not find it in a search. Mostly my engine (82, 6cyl, stock ignition & carb) runs pretty good. Lately, however, after driving for a while when I come to a stop (let off the gas) the engine dies or tries to keep running at a very low RPM...
  18. RandyLL

    stock exhaust?

    Is the muffler suppose to be behind the rear stock hanger (in front of rear axle) and if so, what length should fit there. Mine is currently in front of rear hanger (no cat) and takes a lot of abuse on the trail. I'm thinking of getting the Flowmaster super 44 off-road muffler, but my tailpipe...
  19. RandyLL

    Steering shaft bearing?

    Is there any upgrade available for the upper bearing on the lower steering shaft? Even with a good bearing, there's still play in the plastic retainer.
  20. RandyLL

    Scrambler give-away at Nats.

    Has anyone thought about contacting Hotwheels and seeing if they would donate a batch of Scramblers. Like for a registration gift bag. Probably somebody more official than me.