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    2019 Fall Gathering

    I know what assuming means. Hope they figure it out so you can drive a Jeep instead of riding a bike.
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    2019 Fall Gathering

    What ended up being the problem with your Jeep, I assume it is fixed?
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    "The big bogs on the Mile of Mud section were deep and dank, with horsepower and tires (or the lack of) the deciders of who had to be strapped. Rob Draper of Grand Rapids blew a front axle U-joint on his Chevy-powered '82 Scrambler earlier in the day, but he still three-wheeled through most of...
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    New to CJ8

    My opinion if you use the stock bolt holes in the CJ8 you will have to remove the bulkhead. I moved the rear seat back so that the front bolts were over the back holes and then took to pieces of flat stock and bolted them together with the bed and spacers between and bolted the seat to that. I...