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  1. zero2wow

    How does your sweetheart get your attention when your engrossed in Scrambler "stuff"?

    How does your sweetheart get your attention when your engrossed in Scrambler "stuff"? Just now... :rotfl: My sweetheart sitting over on the couch starts to make this rumbling sound, slowly getting louder. A little slower than she probably would like I say " whats wrong, are you...
  2. zero2wow

    Gold Rush Fans

    Curious to see if we have any Gold Rush fans out here... :D My wife and I have good friends that are on the show.... z :popcorn:
  3. zero2wow

    New twist on Bead Locks

    B.A.D. "Bead Assist Device" says they will be available summer of 2012.
  4. zero2wow

    Happy Birthday 1x1_Speed_Craig

    How could any of us forget your Birthday Craig....:D H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ya get anything special? z :ZZZ:
  5. zero2wow

    Happyt Birthday red mistress

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y I hope this is one of your best years yet Dennis :thumbsup: z :ZZZ:
  6. zero2wow

    Merry Christmas One and All...

    From my sweetheart and I we wish you and those you care about all the very best this day celebrating the birth of our Lord. jeffnkate z :ZZZ:
  7. zero2wow

    Happy Birthday John N

    :woot: We Hope this is one of your bests years yet John!! :woot: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU JOHN z :ZZZ:
  8. zero2wow

    Happy Birthday Rock-N-Roll Bill

    A B I G HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Bil,l I hope it is one of your best years yet! z
  9. zero2wow

    Happy Birthday John N

    I can't believe that you are that :thumbsup: Happy Birthday John !! I hope it is one of your best ever :wave: z
  10. zero2wow

    cj8 Stolen

    A fellow Scrambler owner from Portland, OR had his Scrambler stolen :banghead: Please be on the look out for it. If you need more info let me know. Here's the Craig's list info.... 1982 Jeep Scrambler/CJ8 red full hardtop - $1 (NE Portland) My Jeep was stolen November 29th (that really cold...
  11. zero2wow

    A Vet with style

    I like his style :thumbsup: There is more than one way to load and shoot a .45.... z _______________________________________
  12. zero2wow

    Jeep Snow Pics...Post 'em up!

    SNOW Pics. Lets c'em Many of us love wheeling in the snow. Brings those feelings deep inside us like no other. :woot: I saw Scott P started a thread in the Midwest Region section on a Snow Wheeling trail ride. That prompted me to start this thread. (thanks Scott:-) I am sure many others...
  13. zero2wow

    Happy Birthday Randy

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y :rotfl::rotfl: WOW your getting to be an old man lol We all hope it will be one of your best yet ! ! !:crazy: love you bro, z :ZZZ:
  14. zero2wow

    1/2 Cab Stretched

    Hey all, Anyone out there have experience or thoughts on stretching the 1/2 Cab 4-9 inches? :eek: thanks, z
  15. zero2wow

    Happy Birthday Crash

    Happy Birthday bro... I hope it's one of your best years yet :D z:ZZZ:
  16. zero2wow

    Tire Info

    Still learning after all these yrs..... I never knew how to tell how old a tire was until I found this. good info z
  17. zero2wow

    Land use update

    Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 13:31:11 -0400 (EDT) From: Utah Shared Access Alliance <> Reply-To: Sender: Utah Shared Access Alliance <> Subject: San Rafael Meeting Notice Utah Shared Access Alliance August 11, 2009 Greetings! Do you love the...
  18. zero2wow

    SOA Vice President Annoncement

    SOA Vice President Announcement It is with great pleasure that the SOA Board announces the appointment of John Nachman (aka John N) to the SOA Vice President’s role. :) As many of you are aware, last year when JC stepped down, we held an election to fill the position. We were unsuccessful in...
  19. zero2wow

    The WINNER is.......

    The Winner is….. :) PAPAWAHO (aka Ken Adams) The drawing was held last night at the Monthly SoCal Scramblers dinner. As many of you know one of the many wonderful ideas the National Moab Event Committee came up with was a drawing for the folks that pre registered for the Moab Event that is...
  20. zero2wow

    OPENING Registration for: 3rd Annual National CJ-8 Scramble

    Scrambler Owners Association 3rd Annual National CJ-8 Scramble in Moab, Utah Dear Scrambler Owners: It is with great anticipation, from what took place last year and the incredible time we had together in Hot Springs, AR, that the SOA opens the Registration for the 3rd Annual National...