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  1. Kim Dawson

    Help finding a body shop

    You might try cutting out the bad and cutting new metal to fit the holes and find a welding shop to do the welding for you. If they weld and grind it, you could do the light coat of body filler to smooth it up, or take it to the body shop that does bondo and let them finish it. I got one of my...
  2. Kim Dawson

    Supercharge your Jeep?

    Magnum Powers makes a kit for 96 to 2006 Jeeps for about 5K. I think BigWalton has tested this for JPFreek. The foundry that cast the end caps for us also makes the castings for the superchargers. Yesterday I asked who he was making the supercharger castings for and it's Magnum Powers in...
  3. Kim Dawson

    Survivor Project

    Interesting that there is no spare tire. Looks like it might have had one on the roll bar, or maybe ordered without one . . . save a couple bucks for that AC. No radio either . . . and no one drilled a hole for the antennae somewhere undesirable. Nice to see a bed without dents. You gotta love...
  4. Kim Dawson

    Survivor Project

    Love the beautiful honey color interior. Tilt column and AC are nice options. I agree with cleaning up the chrome wheels. . .they do clean up nice. As beautiful a survivor as it is, if you like the decals (and I do), then put them on and I don't think they will hurt the value of your Scrambler.
  5. Kim Dawson

    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    I think you should just keep the square cornered doors on the truck. It adds to the uniqueness of your build using all jeep parts. I'm getting used to seeing it with those doors. My 2 cents.
  6. Kim Dawson

    Do’s and Don’ts for removing top for first time

    Anybody have a picture or drawing of this item not installed? What I see reminds me of the corners you buy in vinyl when fabricating a shower pan.
  7. Kim Dawson

    Raffle 2020 SOA National Scramble

    This year you can raffle away a service from Antique Auto Top Hardware Company. Winner can send me their Jeep steering wheel and I will pad and cover it in black leather and mail it back to them. That's a $325 value. Hope you get lots of donations like last year. Best of luck.
  8. Kim Dawson

    Do’s and Don’ts for removing top for first time

    Shouldn't be too hard to copy those. I'm sure someone could 3D copy those out of plastic. I could cast them in bronze if I had one to reference and make a pattern from. Strange that they all self destruct when the top comes off. Bronze should last. Anyone know why bronze wouldn't work as well...
  9. Kim Dawson

    Pictures of your new end caps installed

    I'll let you know when I pick up more from the foundry.
  10. Kim Dawson

    Project Blue

    The wheel will be finished today. Nice to see what it is going on.
  11. Kim Dawson

    Project Blue

    That looks like it belongs there. Nice set up.
  12. Kim Dawson

    Last set on hand went out yesterday. Should be picking more up from the foundry any day now...

    Last set on hand went out yesterday. Should be picking more up from the foundry any day now. I'll let you know. Thanks
  13. Kim Dawson

    My (1/2) CJ8

    How does the wheelbase match up to the CJ8? Looks like a good way to get the updated drive train.
  14. Kim Dawson

    New Black Denim Seat Skins?

    Here's the pictures. You can see where the back rest panels on each side of the pleats should have been longer and closer to the seat bottom. I even put extra padding in the seat bottom to try to raise it up but bottom has to stretch far enough to reach the slots for the hog rings. The next...
  15. Kim Dawson

    New Black Denim Seat Skins?

    Nice quality. The one thing I wish they would correct in their pattern is the small extensions on the bottom seat on each side that goes up and under the sides of the top cushion that covers the metal connecting them. Either the top cushion sides should be a little longer or the extension pieces...
  16. Kim Dawson

    New Black Denim Seat Skins?

    AutoInteriorKits in CA on Ebay has the base high back upholstery kits. I just got their black denim kit for my wife's Scrambler. They charge a few bucks more for the denim but they are still really reasonable.
  17. Kim Dawson

    Win A Scrambler

    Winner need not be present on day of raffle but, winner has 30 days to notify, physically show up with ID and pay all taxes & fees (registration, title, transfer, insurance), sign paperwork and take posession, and have photo/video taken for publicity. If your name is on the wining ticket, you...
  18. Kim Dawson

    Win A Scrambler

    Put a ticket in my cart but couldn't find any way to check out or purchase it. Getting a new computer tomorrow if all goes well. I found the little tiny cart and clicked on it and got the check out. I'm in for one, too.
  19. Kim Dawson

    Need bulkhead weather strip

    I think we can all agree that many materials will make a good seal. The original was made of a rubber extrusion with a round welt showing on the inside and a lip on the bed side. If I were restoring and needed this rubber part, short of having new rubber extruded, I'd look for already extruded...
  20. Kim Dawson

    Will be picking up a few sets from the foundry any day now. They are cast aluminum.

    Will be picking up a few sets from the foundry any day now. They are cast aluminum.