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  1. mwqpd11

    1946 Willy’s.

    Just picked this up for a winter project. Going to run antique tags and have fun. Going to replace fuel tank and lines. Carb. Going over wiring for lights. Go over brake system. Buick odd fire V6 with Offenhauser intake and Holley 390. Headers Saginaw steering box 33 Buckshots on Jackman...
  2. mwqpd11

    1983 Jeep CJ7 AZ to PA

    Living in PA where there is a lot of rust. I have owned a lot of Jeeps over the years. Have an 81 Scrambler for the past 10 years. Had 2 others. As far as CJ's go, had over 10 of them. Sold my last CJ5 about 10 years ago. Sold my last CJ7 about 12 years ago. Every time I see a nice Jeep...
  3. mwqpd11

    Jeep brush truck

    I had a 1973 J-4000 with 18000 miles. Bought it from the Fire company. Kept for a few years and sold
  4. mwqpd11

    2 beat CJ 7’s = Scrambler Parts

    1986 CJ7. Trees fell on it in a hurricane and it sat for years Good=rims grill tailgate column center console T5 Dana 300 dash Bad= Amc 20 rear locked motor
  5. mwqpd11

    Military trailer

    Always wanted one of these. Found it 4 miles from my house. Even has a PA title. 1967. Best thing was $300. You can only read part of the Data plate but it’s there
  6. mwqpd11

    82 J10 firewood truck

    Picked it up real cheap. Body real rough. 6cyl,auto,d44,Amc 20. Quadra trac with low range. Front has lock outs. 3.31 gears. Must be a real dog. Fuel pump is off, supposedly runs. Hope to get it running to use for getting firewood off my property.
  7. mwqpd11

    81 Scrambler 6cyl to 401 V8

    Starting with the factory 6cyl/T5/Dana 300 in my Scrambler Going with MORE motor mounts, built AMC 401, built 727 auto, Dana 300 Jeep already has a rear Dana 44 with 4.56 and Detroit locker I took the front end off so it would be easier. Pulled the motor, trans, trans case, and took to a...
  8. mwqpd11

    AMC Muscle Car

    Always wanted an AMX to be different. Sold the 78 CJ5 and got 69 AMX. Paint is a 10 footer was it was painted 20 years ago. Car is super solid with great trunk and floor pans. #'s don't match, which means it was cheaper. Original 390, now a 401 with quads, Tremec TKO 5 speed, Ford 9in with...
  9. mwqpd11

    Scrambler Off road in PA (not mine)

    Went to Rausch Creek offroad park with my Jeep club. This guy left at lunch time so I did not get all the details.
  10. mwqpd11

    Finally got me new to me front bumper

    Sixshooter sold me a Runck rear bumper a few years back. I always liked the way they looked on a Scrambler. Since then, have been looking for one local but could not find one. Sixshooter lives near me and was going on a trip to Mr Beep. He asked if I needed any Jeep parts. Sure, I need a...
  11. mwqpd11

    I ended up with 3 tugs

    Bought and built my 1st tug a few years ago and love it. Have been looking for a 2nd one for 3 years. Finally found another 86 in Maryland. Went down and got it. Planned on building one just for offroad. No rust and bed/counter weight already removed Two weeks later, I found one basically...
  12. mwqpd11

    PA Jeeps York Jeep Show

    Saw a few Scramblers at a Jeep show in York PA See if you recognize this one: They wrecked this one with the suspension lift Nice 85 but it's a bedliner paint job
  13. mwqpd11

    Was bored, so I got stuck

    Was bored, so I thought I would see how far I could make it in the tug with 37's. Snow is maybe 20 inches, plus drifts. Well, I made it through the big snow pile to the field and was doing fine. Finally, I hit a drift and sunk to the frame. I'm on 37's and locked @ all 4. Dosen't matter...
  14. mwqpd11

    AMC Shorty Headers anyone?

    Is it true you can't buy AMC V8 shorty headers anymore? Putting a 401 in with a 727 auto. I was told full length in frame headers will not work due to the bigger auto. I had fender well headers on my CJ 5 with a 360, but it will be too loud with this motor. My only option was to run...
  15. mwqpd11

    Never a bad day to pick up a 1969 J2000

    I have owned a lot of Jeeps and have loved them all. I saw a cool old Jeep on ebay, that was only 35 miles away. I bid and won. It was supposed to snow today, 1 to 3 inches. I hoped to leave and make it back before it started snowing. Did not make it. Had to tow in the snow, which is...
  16. mwqpd11

    AMC 6cyl to 401 swap to begin soon

    My 81 Scrambler has the stock 258 6cyl. Carb needs rebuilt, it has oil leaks, and has very low oil pressure at idle. It does run very well and seems to not smoke. I found a 78 AMC 401 years ago in a t-boned 78 J10 pickup. Motor ran and had 100K on it. I got it complete for $100. I have...
  17. mwqpd11

    Looked at a Scrambler Fire Brush Truck in PA

    Will put the link in the for sale secrtion: 83 Scrambler brush truck, with 49k on the odometer. Auction jumped right up or 7k already. Went and looked at it today, and of course forgot my camera. Jeep has no rust, does have it's normal scratches. Frame is mint. Has the small gas tank...
  18. mwqpd11

    Day off = Junkyard = Scrambler = Jeeps

    Got to go to a junkyard I have not been to in the last year. $2 to get in with some really cheap parts. Lots of AMC 360's, Dana 44's, and other parts you may need. The 4x4 section is at least 10 acres. 1st time I ever saw a Scrambler here. Had a 304, but it was gone. T150 and Dana 20 still...
  19. mwqpd11

    Olive Drab paint questions

    I'm going to get some paint for my tug, olive drab. I see a few types of enamel and base coat/clear coat. I'm not looking for a show paint job and dont want to spend a lot of money. Any opinions on what I should buy? My friend is going to spray it for me, so I'm not looking for a rattle cans.
  20. mwqpd11

    CJ 10a Tug Goes Offroad!!!!

    Cj 10 a a few upgrades I will get some pics up shortly. Found a Tug back in September. It is a 1986. I already had some parts in my garage that I could use for this. I also collected a few more. Now it's time to start on it. Build: The Nissan Diesel has 13k on it with 3200hrs. The...