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  1. mwqpd11

    JP Magazine Done

    I guess they keep the money. I lost at also. They sent a letter that you can read it on line
  2. mwqpd11

    Dana 44 From TJ

    If you don’t mind wheel spacers narrow track CJ Dana 44s aren’t that hard to find.
  3. mwqpd11

    Headers and Mufflers

    Stock manifolds and dual flow masters. Had a cj with side exhaust. Used flow master Hush Power. Quiet deep sound
  4. mwqpd11

    I’m new to site. Just moved to Minnesota

    That’s horrible. I’m glad I have mine insured high. Nice drivetrain. Haven’t seen a Chevy 250 in Jeep before
  5. mwqpd11

    Win A Scrambler

    Got Mine!!
  6. mwqpd11

    1946 Willy’s.

    Plan to start working on it in February
  7. mwqpd11

    1946 Willy’s.

    Yes in PA you can re use old tags up to the late 1980s. You fill out a DMV form with the picture of the tag. They send you a reg card for the tag. Got the tag on EBay for $25
  8. mwqpd11

    1946 Willy’s.

    Got my license plate for it
  9. mwqpd11

    Checking out another Scrambler this week. Value question

    If you don’t look at it immediately it will probably be sold. My friend sold a pile of junk with title for 4K
  10. mwqpd11

    Where to Start?

    Don’t use the 4 cylinder engine. Trans could be a SR4. Super week. Tc is awesome Dana 300
  11. mwqpd11

    1946 Willy’s.

    Extra fenders hood and grill came with it. Probably sell those
  12. mwqpd11

    1946 Willy’s.

    Hiding in the back is 1998 wrangler with Cummings 4BT. Will be for sale in spring
  13. mwqpd11

    1946 Willy’s.

    More pictures
  14. mwqpd11

    1946 Willy’s.

    Just picked this up for a winter project. Going to run antique tags and have fun. Going to replace fuel tank and lines. Carb. Going over wiring for lights. Go over brake system. Buick odd fire V6 with Offenhauser intake and Holley 390. Headers Saginaw steering box 33 Buckshots on Jackman...
  15. mwqpd11

    On board air vs portable air.

    I have the Power Tank. Filled at the local beer distributor. I have mounts for it in 2 jeeps
  16. mwqpd11

    TF 999

    Dana 300 bolts directly to Dana 300.
  17. mwqpd11

    TF 999

    You need a stock diameter driveshaft and a stock depth pan. Works fine Offroad
  18. mwqpd11

    TF 999

    727 is a bigger transmission and can handle the power. They were used in Wagoneers and J trucks several years
  19. mwqpd11

    TF 999

    A 727 from a Jeep is the way to go
  20. mwqpd11

    46 CJ2a

    Probably 4.56 gears