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  1. MarknessMonster

    Seat belts: When were lap belts replaced by shoulder belts during 1982?

    At some point during the 1982 production period, Jeep Scrambler specifications for seat belts changed from a single-point lap belt to a two-point shoulder belt. When did this occur within the production cycle? My preliminary research seems to show that this change occurred some time around unit...
  2. MarknessMonster

    Production number sequence decoded by VIN/SSN?

    There are a series of six numbers at the end of each Scrambler VIN, known as the Sequential Serial Number (SSN). These six digits are representative of when they came through the production line. Were these SSN assigned to individual model years, or did the SSN just start in 1981 and end in...
  3. MarknessMonster

    Fiat to complete 100% ownership

    On January 20th, 2014, Fiat will purchase the remaining stake of Chrysler for $4.35B. All Jeeps from that time forward will be an Italian brand. So, buy them while you can, folks!
  4. MarknessMonster

    $636M -what would you do?

    The lottery is currently valued at $636 million. If you win, you could opt for a lump sum payout that would equate to approximately $320M after taxes are paid. What are you going to do with your winnings, if you're limited to ten items? Here's a list I have comprised in advance of winning...
  5. MarknessMonster

    10 Best Engines of 2014

    For 20 years, Ward’s Auto has been assessing which engines rule the roost at the start of each new year. Here are Ward's ten best for 2014, and I happily see some diesel engines are mentioned. The list is isolated to vehicles with a base price under $60K. 1. Audi S4/S5: 3.0L Supercharged V6...
  6. MarknessMonster

    Ranking OEM Jeep Wheels Throughout History

    The following is a list of the Top 5 all-time original equipment Jeep wheels. Other's opinions may vary. Number 5: Mid-Late 1970's -Turbine style (no OEM pic found) Number 4: Early 1970's thru at least 1974 -Slot style Pic Number 3: 1960's -Sometimes referred to as Power Wagon style Pic...
  7. MarknessMonster

    Foreign diesels w/ MTs everywhere!

    I got an idea the other day to check out vehicle offerings in other parts of the planet. This morning, I searched Europe and Australia EbayMotors and found some cool rigs. I've attached a few links below of some I'd look at, if I were living in those countries. I love the fact that it seems...
  8. MarknessMonster

    Replacement clutch linkage: recommendations?

    I'm planning to replace the clutch linkage in my '81. Online searches show quite a few vendors that sell the OEM replacement kits, and prices range from $75 to $130, or so, but it is hard to distinguish the quality of one kit from another. Since this is such a common part to replace, I was...
  9. MarknessMonster

    Opine: Goodyear v BF Goodrich

    I've been thinking about ditching the ProComp tires on my '83, and have been looking for a better tire. I'm pretty certain that I've narrowed the search down to two brands, but welcome any and all opinions on another manufacturer, size or type. I like the aggressive appearance of a mud terrain...
  10. MarknessMonster

    Why do original body mounts crack & crush?

    Why is it that many of the body mounting surfaces get crushed on CJ8 models? I noticed some of my mounting areas are cracked and pushing up through the floor area. I also noticed that the front mount, located under the passenger footboard, has completely cracked and broken away from the body...
  11. MarknessMonster

    Windshield -W or W/O rib?

    Why is it that I see some 80's CJ's with a "rib" that runs horizontally across the lower section of the windshield, while others are flat? This "rib" is located in proximity to the height of the wipers. The deflection of water is the only reason I can see for the purpose of this horizontal...
  12. MarknessMonster

    Body difference in 1981 CJ8 -reason?

    I recently noticed that my 1981 CJ8 hood is different than my 1983. On the driver's side of the hood, and near the hood tie-down, the hood has a rounded relief at the bottom edge. I wonder what funtion did this relief perform from previous CJ's that carried over to the early CJ8's? I was...
  13. MarknessMonster

    Jeep badges

    Anybody got any leads on where a Jeep owner can get some Fiat badges for a Jeep? :mad:
  14. MarknessMonster

    Clutch Linkage Replacement: Best Source

    I'm currently in the market to replace the worn-out Bellcrank and Push Rod components of my 1981 CJ8 Clutch Linkage assembly. I've located several sources online that provide a kit to replace these two components, plus a number of other related linkage parts. I would assume that others have...
  15. MarknessMonster

    '81 Parking Brake Bracket Failure

    To secure the parking brake, 1981 models had a steel bracket welded to the inside of the tub and located approximately above the "Jeep" body stamping. Years ago, the bracket welds broke on my truck, and the parking brake assembly has been loose or rattling since. I have not fixed it due to my...
  16. MarknessMonster

    Center Console Pad

    Do any members here know where to get one of the original center console pads/cushions that mounts to the topside of the lid? How many members had/have this OEM option? It has got to be one of the hardest items to find!