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    The big red one aka it needs a name

    Even though I haven't decided which one is getting the world cab when the time comes, I was toying with 'Fauxverlander' but BigWalton groaned disapprovingly :) I had this one in the works for about a month now getting info, pics & video & I finally flew up to Miami this morning to close the...
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    Project JPSK8 - my last build??

    Yup, I'm back...been quite a while, nice to see a lot of the old Scram-Fam still active. I've been out of the game for quite a while, so I'll quickly catch up. Recovered from my bout with cancer, relocated to OH, job started to go sideways but recovered, built a shop, job went WAY sideways and I...
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    Sadly heading for home

    I wanted to say thanks to my scram fam for the thoughts and prayers for my mother over the past few years. I received the dreaded call from my sister this evening that my mother finally succumbed to the physical ravages of her dementia. Thankfully she passed peacefully in her sleep in the...
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    Look what followed me home...

    ...finally... Getting ready to leave the back of the warehouse after 1 1/2 years: Tucked away in the new shop:
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    Freedom Steel

    Wondering if anyone has any firsthand knowledge of Freedom Steel's buildings? I'm working on getting myself a shop at the new homestead and have a quote from a local builder for a 30x40x15 pole barn and got a quote from Freedom Steel on Friday for a 32x40x14 (clear span) that is *very*...
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    Almost drooled on myself

    Had a feeling that one of my elderly retired neighbors who drives a Patriot might be an old school Jeeper...was over at the top of the hill in the side yard yesterday scoping out possible locations for an outbuilding, when I glanced over at his outbuilding and saw him back out in a pristine...
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    Calling on my Scram-fam again

    Got a call from my father last night that he had to call 911 to have my mother taken to the hospital Sunday night. She apparently has had another stroke and is weak if not paralyzed (he was super-tired from being at the hospital until the morning, so I didn't get a whole lot of...
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    Becoming a Buckeye?

    Finalizing the contract details, but it looks like I'm going to be relocating to Ohio for a new job. Do we have any Ohioans on the forum?
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    While you guys are thinking & praying...

    ...add me to your list if you don't mind, please. I'm going to be out of commission for a while in a few weeks due to some health issues. I had several surgeries at the end of March (tonsils, adenoids, and uvula removed) to help clear up sleep apnea and really bad snoring and when I went in for...
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    I've been 'published'

    Check the letters section of the latest 4WD & SUV. Gave a little plug to the site, the SOA charity Scrambler, and Gr8Tops.
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    Need wheelhouse measurement

    My Scrambler is 70+ miles away and I hauled off my scrap tub to the metal recycler, so I can't measure myself. Need to know the height at the center and length at the floor of a rear wheelhouse. Thanks. -Rodney
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    SuperliftTV show is posted

    I finished editing last night and started uploading early this morning before I went to bed. It's about 15 minutes long and 155 MB in size. I ripped out all of the commercials & extra segments to get the size down and saved it as an MPEG-1. Let me...
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    Jump seats...look what I saw

    These are in a European spec YJ and appear to be stock:
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    Fisherman is alive and well...

    ...and sleeping in my guest room. Van is all fixed and he made it out to my place around 7:00 PM CST. Got him all loaded up with the 4.0 and extra doo-dads.
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    Weber 32/36 & 38 air cleaner adapter

    Just an informational post since I had to call to get the part number when I ordered mine so that it'll be in the search archives: 99010.600 This attaches to the Weber carb on a 258/4.2 and allows you to retain the factory Jeep air cleaner.
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    Anyone in Delaware?

    I'm curious as to what the cost of living (housing prices, auto insurance) is like as well as how stringent the vehicle testing/inspection is. Planning to move in a couple of years and had been considering heading back East. The recent changes to my mother's health condition have caused me to...
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    One for the axle gurus

    I'm at crossroads time again with the Scrambler and have just about completed tearing it back down and will be adding frame reinforcing plates and having the frame and a few other parts hot-dip galvanized (got a little pissed when I saw how much stuff had rusted just sitting in the driveway)...
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    Rewind - Jeepskate II/XL project - 4/4/05 update Finally got the Scrambler back into the garage a couple of days after Christmas after over a year of inactivity (it got bumped down the priority list due to 'life happening'...well, okay, mostly sh*t happening) and it's basically just been...
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    Anyone near Waynesboro, PA?

    I'm watching an item on Ebay that would need to be picked up. If I get it, I'd need someone in the area to pick it up and then I could figure out how to get it to me or me to it.
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    New convert

    My buddy Grub (he's been hanging in the classifieds forum for the last few weeks looking for a replacement for his CJ-5 which he's out-grown) finally found his Scrambler. He grabbed this one...