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  1. mysunnshine

    Krawlstars video

    My Scrambler got some screen time in this Moab video that was just posted at about 6:10 into it. :) I really need to get back to Moab........
  2. mysunnshine

    Florence Az wheeling

    Myself and two friends had a chance to get out and do some wheeling instead of dualsport riding this weekend in Florence AZ. This has been the first time I have had the Jeep out since the National. Man this thing works good... I just wish that I got more pictures.
  3. mysunnshine

    Paint restoration

    What are you guys doing to restore the paint on a vehicle that has been neglected for a long time? We have a young clean up/parts runner at the shop now and he just acquired an early C10 that he's going to start working on and it looks like the paint may clean up.
  4. mysunnshine

    Easter Jeep Safari 2017

    I'm going to get this thread started today so I can much easier post pics from my phone while I'm up there in Moab. Big fingers and a small phone keyboard don't mix well.......
  5. mysunnshine

    Easter Jeep Safari 2017

    Who else is going this year? My room is reserved so I guess I need to get to work. Sent from my SM-G920V
  6. mysunnshine

    Question about half cab bulkheads

    Are all steel bulkheads the same or were there any changes thru the years? This is kind of a trick question but I thought I'd throw it out there for you all to see if anybody knows the answer. Sent from my SM-G920V
  7. mysunnshine

    Florence Junction wheeling trip

    Yesterday and few of us did a road trip to Florence Junction which is southeast of Phoenix to do some wheeling. Here are a few pics of the day and also I'll have some GoPro videos to post as soon as I can get them loaded. It was a great day with perfect weather. Sent from my SM-G920V
  8. mysunnshine

    Custom tunes

    Most of you know what I do for a living by now and I'm always preaching to you all about the tuning(optimizing) on the engines for more power instead of stroker kits, higher compression, cool-guy distributors, etc...... You would be amazed at what you can get out of your current combinations...
  9. mysunnshine

    OEM half doors

    Were there soft half doors sold as a Special Equipment option? Sent from my SM-G920V
  10. mysunnshine

    TJ hood rod pic request-

    Could somebody with a TJ take a pic of how the end of the hood rod orients as it goes into the locating hole in the grill for me please? I had to modify one and did not verify orientation before I made the cut...... :banghead:
  11. mysunnshine

    Project TJ build with a 6.2L/6L80E/Atlas with linked suspension

    I've posted up a couple of pics of this Jeep in my shop thread but I figured I'd start a thread just for this Jeep. The project is kinda unlimited(within reason I guess) with possible changes so there are some really cool modifications and a whole lot of really subtle changes on this Jeep. I...
  12. mysunnshine

    Roll bar spare tire bracket question

    I was going thru some parts the other day and I noticed for the first time that there are two different height roll bar mounted spare tire brackets. Anyone have any idea as to why? Is it that a 1981 mount so different because of the wheelbase width? Sent from my SM-G920V
  13. mysunnshine

    Table Mesa AZ

    I had a chance to get my Scrambler out last weekend and do some wheeling on the north side of Phoenix. Here are a pair of videos of me actually wheeling mine.....Imagine that huh? It's not Moab but still pretty cool.....
  14. mysunnshine

    Guns and kids

    I forgot that I had this video until the other day and I figured I'd share it with you all. So since I have lots of "stuff", I train both of my boys that you do not touch ANY firearms unless an adult is around. If they want to touch or see one, just find me and I'll teach them to handle it...
  15. mysunnshine

    Project 1/2 scale(Squirrel)

    Project 1/2 scale (I shall call him Squirrel) So amid collecting parts for my 4 link and my aluminum dash, I became lustful of building a 1/2 scale Jeep build in the meantime. My boys are currently 6 and 3yrs so I need to get on the ball and get this thing going. The body was originally for...
  16. mysunnshine

    Epic fails

    Working at a custom shop, we see epic fails all the time ranging from things put together wrong to catastrophic engine failures. Most other don't get to see this stuff so I thought I'd start taking pics of the carnage for all to enjoy. It's always better when it's not your own failures right?
  17. mysunnshine

    I'll bet many don't know about this jewel-

    Did you ever know that the first year(1963) of the Wagoneer was IFS? Take a look.....
  18. mysunnshine

    Holy crap it's hot

    Why do I live in Phoenix again? This photo was taken on my way home today in Glendale which is usually the hottest.
  19. mysunnshine

    Precision air rifles

    Anybody on here in time precision air rifles? I'm about to jump in with both feet into this world.
  20. mysunnshine

    Mint 400

    The Mint 400 is on right now on nbc. Desert racing at its finest.