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  1. hefavitzen

    Axle Rebuild?

    Hey guys, when you bought some axles off someone else, did you do a full rebuild of the axle? Such as new ball joints and bearings and all that? I've got some new wide-track axles and I bought all the stuff to rebuild them but am now wondering if I'm not over doing it. I can see repacking /...
  2. hefavitzen

    Ball and Buck CJ-8?!?!

    Have you guys seen this?
  3. hefavitzen

    Bestop Length?

    Hey guys, I bought a brand new Bestop top, 54608-15, and after getting all of the hardware installed I went to put the top on and it seems really really short. Yes, it is 47 degrees out, but I JUST took it out of the 72 degree house and put in place in literally 5 minutes. I measured my old...
  4. hefavitzen

    Hard Top - Do you use it?

    Hey folks, I am waffling between buying a soft top or a hard top. I am not a fan of the Best Top top, as I like the more "safari" look of the K-Line top in the summer. However, currently I plan on installing a more "family style" cage that is similar to Mr. Sunnyshine's so I can run a canvas...
  5. hefavitzen

    Check this out!!

    Family and I are in Madrid, Spain and saw this. Do you recognize it? Roll bar is in there and everything. The driver didn't know much about it. I feel like the wheel base may be extended. Not a CJ8, but worth showing you guys.
  6. hefavitzen

    Fender to Grill Gasket???

    Hey guys (girls?), is there some sort of gasket that should be between the fender and the grill? The former owner has used some sort of caulk which has dried up and looks crumbly red. Not sure if there is supposed to be anything in there or not. Any ideas? Thanks, Jeff
  7. hefavitzen

    Dune Cat - Go Cart - Anyone interested in this?

    Hey guys, I haven't been on in a LLLOOONNNGGGGG time but don't think that means I haven't been thinking about this great group. I just have my Scrambler running well and driving it instead of wrenching on it and having to come pick your brains for info. I was looking for a project to work on...
  8. hefavitzen

    Muffler Opinions

    Hey folks, question for you: As some of you know, I have an 81' CJ8 with a 383, TH350 and 2.73 gearing. I don't wheel it really but drive it to work often. It splits time being a DD with my pickup. I drive 20 miles a day on the highway to and from work at around 80mph at around 2300 to 2500...
  9. hefavitzen

    Axle Rebuild Question

    Hey guys, I just bought a set of wide-track axles for my Scrambler and I have a few questions for you all. These are a Dana 30 and an AMC 20 (AMC 20 has 1 piece axles and a locker) and came out of an 83' CJ7 just about 5 weeks ago. But, other than that I do not know their history. The axles...
  10. hefavitzen

    Axle / Axle Gearing Question

    Hey folks, I need some advise and input on axle gearing. See, I am looking at some wider axles just to get a little more stability. I have to use spacers today to fit my 32's under the Scram, so I'd like to go wider. But, I am a little inexperienced in this area: My concerns: 1) Gearing so...
  11. hefavitzen

    Shoulder Belt Mount Height?

    Hey guys, I KNOW that somewhere on this site I have seen a photograph of someone with a tape measure indicating the correct height at which to drill the hole to put the shoulder belt mounting bung at. You know, where you screw the bolt in to hold the shoulder level mounting point. But, I...
  12. hefavitzen

    Youth Seats / MasterCraft Seats

    Hey guys, I am working on getting a roll cage fab'ed up and installed that will allow me to have at least 3 point seat belts in my Scrambler (an 81) and a harness set up for the rear. My son is growing out of his car seat but my wife does not like the idea of only having a lap belt for him...
  13. hefavitzen

    Trans/Engine Cooling Question

    I have a 383 (formerly a 350) in my Scrambler. It has never run "cool" and when it is very hot between June and September, it gets hotter than I am comfortable with. I have a transmission cooler in front of the radiator which takes up probably 2/3 of the surface area. The radiator and trans...
  14. hefavitzen

    Half top fit a CJ5??

    Any one know if the half top would fit a CJ5? A potential buyer has posed this question and i haven't a clue as to the amswer. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A
  15. hefavitzen

    Traveling to Austin from Charlotte, NC - Anyone need something sent along?

    Hey guys, I am driving from Charlotte, NC to Austin, TX in November. I know Texans are used to driving ridiculous distances to do about anything. (3 hours from Austin to Kerrville? problem! See you in a minute.) I have a pickup and if you got something bulky or just heavy, I could get...
  16. hefavitzen

    Vegas to Reno - Best in the Desert Race - August 16, 2014 - Pic Heavy

    We went from South Carolina to Vegas to see family and lo and behold there was an offroad race kicking off, so we went for it!!!! The race started in Beatty, NV and ends in Reno and is 500 or so miles through the desert. Yesterday we got to meet some of the racers at the tech check and they...
  17. hefavitzen

    GenIII or IV vs Gen 1 Engine Upgrade Costs

    I have been wrestling with the cost of engine replacement and cost vs. drive-ability. I have received a lot of advisement (thanks to all!) and have talked to many many folks. So, I have made this handy comparison chart to assist me in tracking expenses. I am counting on a cooling fan upgrade...
  18. hefavitzen

    What does the spark plug say?

    So I have been on the fence about a new engine in my CJ8. I have a 42 year old Monte Carlo 350 in it today and it may/may not have been rebuilt 13 years ago by the previous owner. When I was a kid I had a 76 Cordoba, a 1974 Dodge Charger, a 1978 Buick Skyhawk (231 V6) and they all ran ok, but...
  19. hefavitzen

    Parts guys! Can I send business your way?

    I am talking to lots of jeep guys, not just Scrambler guys. Some of these folks are in need of parts particular to those brand of CJ. Example, I know a guy who needs 73-78 CJ5 clutch linkage parts. Anyone have something that can fit that bill? I have been talking you guys up, so let me...
  20. hefavitzen

    Paint Question - Anyone with White with Blue Stripe package?

    I have been looking all over the Interwebs looking for a picture of a Scrambler that is Olympic White with blue stripes in this style: I have been telling my wife and son that I'd paint it blue, but I loved my old CJ-7 that was white with a blue Renegade on the hood. Has anyone seen one like...