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  1. mchoward48

    Anyone have any experience with Toyota transmissions?

    So for my engine swap on my 8, I’ve decided to just change the whole Powertrain to make it a little easier on myself. I’ve selected a Toyota 1kz-t turbo Diesel engine with an R151f transmission. Supposedly this trans is very similar to the ax-15, which I also have no experience with. There’s...
  2. mchoward48

    2.5” vs 4” lift

    Right now, my 8 is on what I believe is an old 2.5” superlift and 32in tires. It rides real rough and I want to go to 33x10.5in tires. I really like the way the Jeep sits though. So, if I were to change out springs, would 4” be the way to go or 2.5”? I found some good deals on used bds 4in...
  3. mchoward48

    Engine bay air flow

    Has anybody found a good way to push air into the engine bay and vent heat other than louvers or hood scoops? I’m about to put in a newer engine that is known to crack heads when over heated and I’d like to avoid that situation.
  4. mchoward48

    Anybody here run a 4bt or other diesel?

    I’m on the final large change of my build, swapping out the 258 for a more fuel efficient, more powerful engine. I’m torn between a VW 1.9 tdi and a Cummins 4bt. Just want to hear from people who have run the engines themselves in their Jeeps.
  5. mchoward48

    ARB Bumpers

    Has anybody here mounted an ARB bumper to a CJ? I think I remember seeing a thread where someone did. I know it’s made for Yj/Tj but I found some adapters to mount on a CJ
  6. mchoward48

    CJ saddle bags

    I have an upholstery worker making blue-prints of my OEM nutmeg saddle bags. Would anybody be interested in a pair made out of fresh material? Price point would be roughly $200. I just want to see if anybody would be interested
  7. mchoward48

    NM to FL '85 CJ8 Renegade take 2

    Alright, here we go with take number two. Photos seem to be working this time through, special thanks to CJ7Pilot for helping me out with this one. I've been lurking this forum for well over a year now, and its about time I make my build thread. My name is Max, I'm 17 years old and I'm from...