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  1. 53D Scrambler

    Weak Stereo Volume...any ideas!?

    My Retro Sound aftermarket stereo has started to have a very weak output. I believe it started around the time my alternator was unknowingly going bad and since I replaced the alternator. Both speakers work, head unit appears to work correctly, but volume at max volume the speakers only seem...
  2. 53D Scrambler

    New Alternator Solutions?

    This thread is a summary of Name That Noise from drivetrain. Turns out it was the alternator...making the noise I described below: Original post: So the Scrambler has thrown me a curve ball over the last month or so. It started making a noise that sounds like a medium-pitched humming or whine...
  3. 53D Scrambler

    Name that noise

    So the Scrambler has thrown me a curve ball over the last month or so. It started making a noise that sounds like a medium-pitched humming or whine coming from somewhere around the bell housing, at least that's what it sounds like. My initial thoughts were pilot bushing or throwout bearing but...
  4. 53D Scrambler

    Glittery Oil

    Well, I have been looking closely at my oil since the last change and am getting the type of confirmation that I didn't want to have. Looks like there are about a dozen - 2 dozen small flakes with a couple larger slivers of silver and copper color in the oil. Largest sliver is appx 2mm long...
  5. 53D Scrambler

    CB Radio High SWR Help

    I was checking the SWR of my recently installed CB antenna setup and discovered I am getting >3.0 across all bands. I am looking for advice on how to reduce this to the normal range using my current setup if anyone can spot an installation mistake or if you have any tips to assist my...
  6. 53D Scrambler

    Oil Pressure Issue = Bad Sender?

    After watching my oil pressure gauge read 20psi at cold start and decrease to 1-3psi :huh: after about 20min of driving I began to worry that something might be wrong internally with the engine or that I have a bad pickup. I bought a mechanical oil pressure gauge / test kit and discovered, much...
  7. 53D Scrambler

    Help with an XJ that won't start?

    Mods, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum...please move if needed. A friend of mine has a 2000 XJ 4.0L Automatic and when pulling it out of the garage after about a week of sitting, it died and now won't start. I went over tonight to check some things out and this is what I found...
  8. 53D Scrambler

    NC: Topsail Island Jeep Week Sept 29th - Oct 2nd Looks like this event is occurring right in my backyard. I am not sure if this happened previous years as I was on deployment but I will be attending this year. I know I texted a couple CJ-8 members already but if anyone is...
  9. 53D Scrambler

    Scrambler House for sale in Colorado!

    So I was just cruising Zillow at work(working for the government you are not expected to produce any results) and dreaming of retirement properties and I stumbled across this...
  10. 53D Scrambler

    Help Dropping the Knuckle (Dana 30)

    Well, I am replacing the ball joints, and am having trouble getting the knuckle to drop from the axle. Obviously everything is off the knuckle. I kept the nuts on the ball joints but they are at the top of the threads and loose. Does anyone have tips for getting the knuckle to break free. It...
  11. 53D Scrambler

    4WD Indicator Light Issues - Need Electrical Guru's Assistance

    Ok, I will try to keep this short, but I am in need of some help as my electrical troubleshooting knowledge is apparently failing me. I restored my Scrambler, rewired with Painless harness and now the 4WD Indicator does not work. I kept the original Reverse/4WD Indicator Harness up to the...
  12. 53D Scrambler

    Estate Sales?

    Does anyone elses wife roll their eyes when they talk about buying stuff off of dead people? I have found some pretty good stuff in the past and was cruising through for the Virginia area and came across 3 gems that I wanted to share with everyone on here. The first one...
  13. 53D Scrambler

    NOVA Jeepers Jeep Show, Manassas VA...18 May

    Just found out about this from another member and wanted to post it in the events forum. Seems like it would be a good time and doesn't conflict with the other N.VA Shows the weekend prior.
  14. 53D Scrambler

    Who's Driving or Trailering and Who's Camping or Hotel-ing at the Scramble?

    Just trying to make a post for those who have made plans for the Harlan KY SOA event to post up their travel/lodging plans. I am going back and forth on some lodging options, my 2 leading options are: Reservations at Mt. Aire Motel in Harlan, KY (already reserved) and driving(7 hrs) the...
  15. 53D Scrambler

    No spark?

    This is a repeat post from Complete Builds and Restorations... Almost finished the wiring, actually the Jeep "could" run that is if I were getting any spark. :banghead: At least I don't think there is any spark.I have used a painless wiring harness and the engine cranks over fine which means I...
  16. 53D Scrambler

    Daystar Replacement Mounts, Question...

    I am in the middle of a build involving a TDK frame and Daystar replacement mounts; the mounts on the forward fuel tank cross member seem to be about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch below the body. I don't know if I have the mounts installed improperly(dont think so) or it is a problem with the frame's...
  17. 53D Scrambler

    The "Once in a while" 1983 Scrambler Laredo Build

    Well, I am calling this build the "once in a while" build because that is about as often as I get to work on it. My job with the Marines keeps me very busy but I have been plugging away every free moment that I get. Here is what I started with: 1983 Scrambler Laredo Sherwood Green...
  18. 53D Scrambler

    Help removing dash electrical components

    I have the dash out and everything is removed except the stock am/fm cassete head unit, headlight switch, wiper speed switch, and heater fan switch. Below are some pictures so you can swee what I am working with. If anyone has tips to remove them it is appreciated.
  19. 53D Scrambler

    Tailgate Cable Removal

    Does anyone have any tips for removing the tailgate cables? They appear to be a plastic bolt with a phillips head top that the cable loops go around. It needs more torque than I can get on it with a screw driver but I don't want to strip them. Thanks in advance
  20. 53D Scrambler

    New Show: "One Car Too Far" on Discovery

    Anyone watch this show? It's about a pair of guys, one an auto enthusiast and the other a survivalist(former British military) in a 4cyl TJ who are dropped in a remote location and have 3 days to get to a certain checkpoint(that they call civilization). I have watched about 3 shows already and...