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    Bantam Heritage Jeep Fest?

    Seeing the thread on the scrambler give away inspired me to look at the event.....Have any of you guys gone? Any pointers for a first timer regarding events/sign-up packages...looks like there are a lot of options. Thanks!
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    Inspired by the photo contest - great 8 photos

    Here's one of mine
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    front seat recommendation

    I'm getting old and about once or twice a year I'll drive my 8 on a fairly long road trip...1500 miles+/-. Any recommendations for a good comfortable supportive seat? I'm an average sized guy or at least I like to think I am...5'-10". My old CJ-7 factory high backs were great back in the...
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    Scrambler Siting - Munising, MI

    Heading home from the Keweenaw yesterday and saw a topless Scrambler in Munising---chest nut brown color, looked stock. Gave them a big thumbs up. I was in my scrambler pulling a teardrop. Was it anybody on here?
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    PBS - American Experience - Chasing the Moon

    I am a bit of a PBS's basically what I watch if I'm watching TV, but even if you are not a PBS fan, this series kicks butt! Brings back a lot of childhood memories, back when most, if not all, launches were televised and schools had assemblies to watch the launches. This is the...
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    Recognize anybody in the this clip!?

    Hey guys, check out this local news segment: Some of you mid-westeners may recognize them! Maybe even been there! Enjoy
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    JKU lift kits

    Knowing a lot of us are Jeep nuts and have more than one Jeep...I thought I check in here about JKU lift kits. Not to mention I trust you guys a lot more on this site than the average Jeep site. After some on-line research I am considering a small lift kit for our 2014 JKU. Most miles are on...
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    Longshot Bestop soft top on STC hardware?

    I just had my rear window zippers replaced on my STC soft top....but the top is going to need to be replaced at some point. Bestop seems to be the most available replacement top, or most affordable. BD is a little outrageous! Has anyone ever tried putting the Bestop skin on a old STC soft top...
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    Generlal Grabber X3 - new radial MT

    Anybody running a set, likes, dislikes? I am looking for a new set of Radial MT's for my CJ-8 and considering a set. Most reviews I find online are the normal media coverage blah, blah. I've been running the old style BFG MT's which were OK for their day. My Jeep is used primarily for all...
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    AX15 or NV3550 behind AMC V8 looking for real world success vs. failure experience after the last 1000 mile + round trip to the UP of MI and back, I've decided its time to do something about the noise and comfort level in my Scrambler. Thought about looking for a nice LJ...but why spend all that coin? Can't do much about the wind noise from the soft top...but I can...
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    South of the Rust Belt is?

    I am looking for a solid Jeep Cherokee for my daughter....not much here in Michigan, salt is too cheap I guess, they put in on the roads like a little kid with ketchup on french fries! Mechanically I am not too worried about much (I don' t mind having to swap an engine, etc.) how far south...
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    Unlimited LJ?

    I am casually thinking about ditching our 2004 Chevy Tahoe and finding another vehicle for the family daily driver. Being a Jeep guy, I'm thinking about an LJ. I am not sold on the JK's yet (can't really complain though...never drove one and only have ridden in a couple.) I like the 4.0L so...
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    Tires...something that works good, but quiet

    Long trips are killing me in the Scrambler when it comes to noise, especially tire noise. I'm talking like a 4 - 8 hr trip, mostly hwy to my off-road secret camping spots in the UP of MI. I currently run BFG MT's (the classic tread) and would like to find something comparable, but quieter...
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    Rally Jeep CJ-8

    Over the weekend I went up tp Atlanta, MI for the Sno-Drift Pro-Rally race and got to thinking about if I could find any pictures of my buddy's Scrambler I use to pit crew and co-drive with. (I co-drove a few races in the 90's including Sno-Drift) I've got a few I could dig up and scan in, but...
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    Scrambler sighting in NW LP of MI

    Spotted a clean bright yellow CJ-8 in Benzie County near Crystal Lake. Had a full soft top (Bestop), maybe 4" or so of lift w/33's or 35's. Is it anybody on here?
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    carrier bearing preload?

    Does anyone here have experience setting up their own gears? I have done it a few times and am relatively confident, but need a little advise on carrier bearing preload in a D44 front axle. I have set up my gears using "set-up" bearing and have great pinion bearing preload, good pattern and...
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    Narrowed Dana 44 steering?

    Alrighty! I have narrowed my Dana 44, Moser is shortening the long side axle (and spare) and now it's time to figure out how I am going to steer this thing. What have you guys come up with? A little history: I narrowed a 78 (SJ) NT Cherokee axle 4.25" and am running a WT CJ D44 rear...
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    Narrowing a D44

    I'm planning to narrow a 78 Cherokee NT D44 about 4" for my CJ8. From all the research I have done this seems to be the norm. I'm working w/the NT because I have it laying around and I'm running a CJ D44 WT in the rear currently. Has anyone found a factory Dana inner axle shaft that is about...
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    Teaser Pic

    Just a little something I've been working on......
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    Scrambler in 4 wheel parts mag

    I just received a free mag from 4wd Parts Wholesale or whoever it is. I think it's called Offroad Adventures or something. There is a sweet scrambler picture in an article review for Weld Wheels. Is it anybody's on this site? The rig looks very similar to mine and I would like more details...