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  1. BRKLYNZ28

    The air hawk How long would it take to fill 35s? Lol sent from my flaming samsung note7
  2. BRKLYNZ28

    T176 to amc 360

    Anyone have a part number for a clutch kit to mate the two? I think luk 01-026 fits? But not sure. Also the pilot bushing number if you got it.. thanks sent from my flaming samsung note7
  3. BRKLYNZ28

    Sema Chinese manufacturer busted

    Looks like Omix-ADA isnt playing around anymore. Maybe there scared someone would improve on there products and make them fit . [emoji12] sent from my flaming...
  4. BRKLYNZ28

    My samsung note 7 went on fire!

    Yep!! Crazy isn't it.. on the second day of owning it i was saying why is this phone giving off so much heat then poof. now the problem is i lost most of my contacts and all of my text messages. As they transferred all my stuff to that phone and took back the old. So i mostly have 1/2 of what...
  5. BRKLYNZ28

    Amc 360 identification

    I been reading that the only way to id a amc 360 engine year is threw a small tag on the valve cover. Is there any other way? That tag is long gone.
  6. BRKLYNZ28

    Cooling problems with winch

    Just wondering is anyone has cooling issues with a winch and air conditioning with the cjs. Its alot to go threw to get to the radiator. Was thinking of remote mounting the condenser..
  7. BRKLYNZ28

    Nos jeep emblem vs mopar reprint emblem

    Not sure if anyone seen a side by side comparison of both but here you go. there not to bad for the 20 dollar price tag.
  8. BRKLYNZ28

    Ruffstuff sale 20% off

    Just got the email for 20% off . Been using there stuff for years. Everything is beefy. Passing it on.
  9. BRKLYNZ28

    Tire carrier bumpers and caps

    Got these off ebay to replace the crazy worn out bumpers that are on most of our swing carriers. I bought the kit with the screws but your going to need longer screws for the top bumpers as they are not supplied and the original are to short. The bottom bracket for the tire had to be...
  10. BRKLYNZ28

    New 2018 jeep Wrangler

    Not liking the new full body soft top thing.... but i guess it saves weight [emoji12] Sent from my SM-N910P
  11. BRKLYNZ28

    Need Help transporting doors from Soa National Scramble

    Any one going to soa national this year that can help me transport a set of full doors back for me? Drop off around va to ny. [emoji106] jim chopshop volunteered to hold on to them if your his way in va. Sent from my SM-N910P
  12. BRKLYNZ28

    I bought another scrambler

    Well kinda.. lol. Like i needed another project but come on This thing is cool and it has a step bumper with endcaps!!its had a 3.5hp engine and its fastttt. Anyone have or seen one of these before? Sent from my SM-N910P
  13. BRKLYNZ28

    Hydroboost suggestions

    Was thinking of doing the swap. on My 7 im using a yj booster and its good but takes effort to lockup 33" thats with full disks and dana 44s. i want to run 35 on the 8 build. So figure this is the ultimate brake setup. Is it worth the coin. I see its almost 500 bucks for the one on ebay.. any...
  14. BRKLYNZ28

    Did you see this? Cj7 stolen Found Sent from my SM-N910P
  15. BRKLYNZ28

    20 gallon tank skid replacement

    tank skid on the 8 was bad but didnt think it was that bad. Not sure how it didn't fall out. But this is normal for east coast rust. Took about 2 hours and a flat lift come in real handy if someone never did this before. I blasted and por15 the replacment skid. But the way these are built...
  16. BRKLYNZ28

    My new buffering toy

    Well if your buffering then u need to upgrade lol.. typo on title.. [emoji12] [emoji12] [emoji12] Continued ... Im tired of doing things by hand. Time for power . What a time saver and brought these caps back to life... Sent from my SM-N910P
  17. BRKLYNZ28

    The new fiat Comanche ?

    Sent from my SM-N910P
  18. BRKLYNZ28

    Nos vs aftermarket windsheild seal

    I took these last week as i was doing some organization . I never seen a picture on here of side by side comparison. . To the left is a used oem gasket i took off a 80k mile 7. The middle is a real nos still in the bag and the right one is a aftermarket omix seal.. [emoji33] Sent from my...
  19. BRKLYNZ28

    Post up your cool Jeep video's. Sent from my SM-N910P
  20. BRKLYNZ28

    Happy new year

    Im not in time square. Crazy people.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Sent from my SM-N910P