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  1. sdsupilot

    On board air vs portable air.

    I am looking into compressed air options. Currently I have no "need" (air lockers...), but would like to have air for filling tires and such. I have 2 york 210s in my work bench. I do think one of these would be the "best" option. By the time I rebuild the compressor, purchase a serpentine...
  2. sdsupilot

    Big Meat Run Langley/Disney OK 3-22-19

    Any Scrambler friends going to BMR this weekend? I am planning on going up Friday morning and maybe staying the night.
  3. sdsupilot

    Opinions for 700R4 to Dana 300 adapters

    Morning, I was wondering if I could get some personal opinions/experiences for people that have used an adapter for the 700R4 to Dana 300. I will be swapping in an 89 TBI 4.3 and 700R4 into my scrambler. I've been looking at Advanced Adapters, Novak and even the NP208 factory adapter (with...
  4. sdsupilot

    The story of Peggy's jeep.

    Peggy was a very fun, interesting person. She married my grandpa in 2005. She was very witty and funny, also a bit blunt. My grandpa was often out of town working so when I would call to see if he was around I would often just talk to her. She knew that I had my other grandpas 53 CJ3a that I...
  5. sdsupilot

    Lift, wheels and tires for family trail rig

    I was wondering what your thoughts were for tires/lift on a family wheeler. I got my scrambler 4-5 years ago and have used it for hunting, trail riding, dune climbing and commuting (part time). Currently it has the stock springs and 31 10.5 15 tires. Other specs: 258, SR-4, 3.73 gears. Since...
  6. sdsupilot

    Nationals/Scrambler sightings

    Morning all, My dad spotted a yellow scrambler on a tow dolly headed east on I90 at the Missouri River in Chamberlain SD (Thursday June 30th) . I spotted 3 scramblers loaded on trailers headed east on I70 towards just west of Salina KS (Friday July 1st). The scramblers I saw looked built for...