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  1. JL in CA

    Official Forum Lurker Intro Thread!

    Well, hello again everyone - its been YEARS since I've been to the site and I can't believe that many of the names are the same. I was one of the original SOA members (charter members I think we were called). My scrambler, which I rebuilt out of college in '97 was my daily driver for over a...
  2. JL in CA

    Gear Replacement Question

    Just a couple quick questions regarding gearing on a AMC 20 Rear/Dana 30 Front for my 81. I had something fail in my rear end yesterday leaving me with no drive - Since I have one piece axles, I doubt if they are the cause and its more likely something with the gears (drive shaft turns, goes...
  3. JL in CA

    MPI Conversion

    Ok, after a week of evenings working on my MPI conversion, I got it going tonight. Idle was incredible BUT after about 3 minutes of running, it started to whistle. I am thinking its a overheat situation however, it seems to die down if the engine is underload. Wondering it its an intake leak...
  4. JL in CA

    heater hose routing

    Need some quick help on heater hose routing. Just did an MPI conversion and seem to be having some temp. problems, beyond what the higher temp thermostat would be. Question is, where do the bottom and top heater core connections route to on a regular carborated 258? Thinking I may be creating...