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  1. walkerhoundvm

    Fuel Tank vent lines and all that goes with it?

    That's for the 15g tank only. If you had a 15-20g swap, some of the hardware may still be in place (and likely bypassed), but if the 20g was in there from the start, almost none of it will look the same.
  2. walkerhoundvm

    My 84 Postal

    Nice work!
  3. walkerhoundvm

    Fuel Tank vent lines and all that goes with it?

    That 20g tank (if it's OEM) should have two check valves on top plugged right into the tank. They connect to one another with a Y piece and some rubber line; the third arm of the Y goes to a line all the way to the charcoal canister. From there it's just a matter of vapor scavenging to the...
  4. walkerhoundvm

    Who remembers this one ?
  5. walkerhoundvm

    D44 rear in Scramblers?

    It was suspected to be a special order (the whole vehicle) if I recall.
  6. walkerhoundvm

    Repli-tub deficiencies

    For my dash, it was just the bottom one on either side that didn't align. Roll bar did fine. The problems really seem to be hit or miss, every tub is different.
  7. walkerhoundvm

    Laredo grab bar rewrap?

    @Kim Dawson
  8. walkerhoundvm

    Nutmeg 1/2 Soft Top & Doors Needed!!

    I have a set of @BRKLYNZ28 's shoulder belt pucks. They seem to be holding up OK for the past 5 months, but I don't plan on leaving them exposed in the summer sun much.
  9. walkerhoundvm

    Nutmeg 1/2 Soft Top & Doors Needed!!

    Each side L/R has one hole, correct? That's the way it should be - the horizontal bar plugs into that hole, the hoop sits just aft of the seats and just fore of the bulkhead. Edit - looked at your picture, the one side doesn't have a hole, you're right. Might have to punch it, it could be...
  10. walkerhoundvm

    Nutmeg 1/2 Soft Top & Doors Needed!!

    Give me a bit and I'll try to get photos for you.
  11. walkerhoundvm

    Repli-tub deficiencies

    MD Juan direct or via willys-overland? I'd guess about 90-95% of my holes lined up, heater box/core included. Fenders/hood/grill - yes, they were a real pain to get even remotely aligned. I don't think willys-overland made that much of a difference, sounds like the QC is crap at MD Juan.
  12. walkerhoundvm

    JP Magazine Done

    The only magazine we get is the free one our town sends out every month. Just don't read much in print any more.
  13. walkerhoundvm

    Which harness and PN for my situation please?

    Yep. I'd guess it probably gets up to 150 or so under there. My IAT when sitting for a bit is right around that.
  14. walkerhoundvm

    Weak Stereo Volume...any ideas!?

    I've got a couple working tape decks I'd be happy to send you for shipping. One's a Clarion, the other is a radio shack brand. Both I've had installed but pulled because I either needed more channels or a different wiring setup.
  15. walkerhoundvm

    Which harness and PN for my situation please?

    Consider those of us with 5.3 swaps and our pcm in the engine bay. I never considered it, but I had to check my pcm after a drive and it was almost too hot to hold.
  16. walkerhoundvm

    Weak Stereo Volume...any ideas!?

    I have spent way more time and money than I am willing to admit on decks. A range of brands from that era have adjustable knobs, fortunately. The things to be concerned about are depth - 5" is cutting it close, >5.25" requires cramming the ductwork. The other thing is even NOS isn't a guarantee...
  17. walkerhoundvm

    Body Mount bushings

    I have the energy suspension. I like them, but hard to estimate their impact - I updated the entire suspension system during the rebuild. The shop had to grind down most of the metal bushing inserts, they were a tad long when cinching everything down.
  18. walkerhoundvm

    Weak Stereo Volume...any ideas!?

    I've read some bad reviews on those units, relatively short lifespan especially. Are you using Bluetooth, or just the built in radio?
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    Give 'em time.
  20. walkerhoundvm

    Kansas CJ8s

    @tower210 pick up the red courtesy phone! I lived in MHK for a couple years, drove my CJ the two mile drive to KSU almost every day!