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  1. Ron84cj

    One of our own needs your thoughts and prayers - Mr Beep

    Lol. He sounds like my dad. He does the same crap. The doctors tell him to get his rest for a few days. Nope, he's back to work an hour later. That's assuming he even goes to the doc in the first place 😂
  2. Ron84cj

    One of our own needs your thoughts and prayers - Mr Beep

    Take it easy Toby. Just concentrate on getting better. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
  3. Ron84cj

    Winshield help

    No, it doesn't matter. Mine is also inside out.
  4. Ron84cj

    It's all fun and games till someone breaks a knuckle...

    Maybe I missed it on their website, but what tie rod ends do they use?
  5. Ron84cj

    It's all fun and games till someone breaks a knuckle...

    My knuckle broke while I was doing some winter wheeling. I had a spare and got it all together. But my tie rod tube bent, so now is a good time to upgrade. I read a few threads regarding this on a couple forums but nothing recent. They were from 10+ years ago. I thought I read somewhere that the...
  6. Ron84cj

    After Market Tubs

    Is there more damage than the bent panel on the driver side? Or is the whole tub bent in?
  7. Ron84cj

    Has anybody used COMP Cams K68-232-4 Xtreme 4X4 206/212 Hydraulic Flat Cam K-Kit for AMC 199-258/4.0L

    It's been a few years now but I'm pretty darn sure that is the one I had. My setup was a stock AMC 258 with a shaved head to get a little more compression. Also had the Mopar efi on it. It was certainly a very big improvement over stock but was probably the combo of the cam and efi. In the end...
  8. Ron84cj

    Ball and Buck CJ-8?!?!

    Also, Ronald Reagan used his CJ6 on the ranch. But still very cool though 😎
  9. Ron84cj

    What is the best replacement for front fender to buy?

    I very much disagree. I went through 4 sets of "mint" original fenders and not one was any good. They all looked great with no bubbling or rust until they were media blasted and revieled rust/pinholes everywhere. I ended up buying new aftermarket ones as a "buy it now" on eBay. Comparing them to...
  10. Ron84cj

    Win A Scrambler

    I got mine yesterday. Never knew about it until I saw this thread. Thanks!
  11. Ron84cj

    Family cage inquiry

    I bought 2 cj7 roll bars, cut them up and rewelded them. Then added one cross bar. I have less than $100 into the whole thing and got it done on a weekend. It's NOT a full on roll cage, but does offer some extra protection. Plus the addition of shoulder seat belts are nice. These pics are from...
  12. Ron84cj

    Aftermarket hood???

    Very interesting. I definitely have never heard of or seen this before. But honestly, when it comes to AMC stuff it just doesn't surprise me anymore. They really did do some goofy things.
  13. Ron84cj

    Aftermarket hood???

    I'm trying to figure this one out. I just got a used hood from a guy locally. It was off of a Renegade. The decals definitely look original, the gauge of the metal is the same as original, and it physically fit great. However it didn't have the little hoops for the windshield to fold down on. It...
  14. Ron84cj

    An update, could use some prayers.

    Oh man, I am so sorry to hear this. Many of us can relate to this, my self included. When my Grandma fell years ago and broke her leg, it was all downhill from there. Very rapidly her dementia kicked in. I have no idea how they have anything to do with each other but it did. She was just nowhere...
  15. Ron84cj

    New Postal Powertrain Plan - turbo/manifold & HP Tuners JTEC support or Megasquirt

    I just came across this. If you are building a stroker, plus an aftermarket head, plus the turbo set up, at that point financially it just makes more sense for a V8 of some sort. But a turbo on a stock ish 4.0L, now that would be cool to see. Maybe I missed it, when do you plan on diving into it?
  16. Ron84cj

    Gr8Dain's 4.0/aw4 swap from a 97 XJ

    If you do decide to sell the sniper, I may be interested. Send me a pm if you decide to go that route. I've been thinking about getting one for my red scrambler.
  17. Ron84cj

    Engine swap - repair - OPINIONS NEEDED

    Just because cylinder heads breathe well doesn't make them good. Cylinder head design ABSOLUTELY makes a huge difference in efficiency. Not just the port size, but the port shape, valve angle, and very importantly the combustion chamber size and shape. Those old cylinder head combustion chambers...
  18. Ron84cj

    Engine swap - repair - OPINIONS NEEDED

    A lot has to do with how much things go for in your area. Good machine shops have different rates depending on area as well as used motors. For example my 5.3 had 86,000 miles on it. It included the starter, harness, computer, and all the accessories for $500. I did my entire swap for about...